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11 January 2024

We are saying goodbye to new year's resolutions and hello to what's in and out for rejuvenating our high street! And we want to hear from you! What's your 'What's In / What's Out' list for 2024? We have developed our tactical plans for the Dorking Business Improvement District to help us deliver our business strategy and we welcome your feedback on how we can collaborate to bring prosperity to our business community and to our town. So What's In and What's Out this year?

What's In

Focusing on excellent customer service.

Exciting and engaging in-store experiences.

Using AI to gain a competitive advantage.

Commercialising pre-loved and valuing sustainability and circularity.

Omni channel communications is key.

Collaboration and partnering with others across sectors to bring mutual success.

What's Out

Thinking your customer won't find what they want online.

Using AI or ChatGBT without editing content.

Not using social media or having a website.

Going at it alone.

What are your Ins/Outs for 2024?

We are launching our social, training and events calendar for the year very soon and we are finalising event dates for your diary. Save the date for our 2024 Christmas Festival, which will be held on the first Sunday of December every year (this year it is 1 December). We are working collaboratively with our BID businesses and community partners to finalise our training and events programme in the coming weeks and we plan to host on-street trails every other month this year. We hope you will join in!

In the meantime, please have your say, tell us what training you'd like us to offer, join a committee, or drop us a line - and let us know what you'd like to see us offer and help us to shape our plans.

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