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What does it take to shut the door on your business…

29 April 2020

… to protect your clients, your employers and community? A love for people, society and food.

Hello Dorking speaks openly with Two Many Cooks, who closed their doors weeks before COVID lockdown, to help protect their clients and employees.

As we settle into what seems the ‘new normal’, it is hard to fathom the scale of the problem, until we start to talk to businesses who are adapting to preserve their businesses today for tomorrow. Two Many Cooks is a prime example of what it means to be agile today and move with a constantly changing landscape.

Our delightful coffee shop in South Street, Dorking went from the High Street to be strategically placed on their drive, providing customers with a drive-through isolation table. Each customer has 15 minutes to collect their food box.

With thirty years of experience in catering, their passion for food has led them to provide exquisite food boxes for us to order and enjoy while we stay home and stay safe.

With Emily recognising that cooking can be a little tedious for people, especially every night for the last six weeks, has designed food boxes to help with customers day to day schedules and to help make life easier for her loyal client base.

Two Many Cooks now provides frozen ready meals, single meals and essentials. As you can imagine, their menus are delicious and use all local produces as well as the best spices available.

Their Pantry Boxes are well stocked with Fresh fruit and Vegetables, 1 litre of milk, Chalk Hills Bread, 6 Free Range Eggs.

If you are stuck for lunch, Two Many Cooks Lunch Box is fabulous!

To be able to move a business and from the High Street to home, and provide the same level of care and attention to their foods is impressive. Working in total isolation, Two Many Cook has gone from a 10 -15 strong team to just Emily, Joanna who is the original/founder of Two Many Cooks and Francesca, plus their chef Remi who is preparing and cooking all these meals providing over 2000 boxes a week.

With Lockdown not being lifted anytime soon, Emily is still thinking and planning about returning to the High Street and what this might look like when the time is right.

What we do know is that when they do reopen, all their hard work today, won’t be for nothing.

To place an order with Two Many Cooks, please visit their website and EMAIL with your order and number. One of the team will call you for a chat…and to make payment.

Enjoy being spoilt by Two Many Cooks – Stay Home, Stay safe.

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