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What does it take to become a Wine Hero?

12 February 2020

We know Waitrose to be the creme del a creme of supermarkets.  The brands attention to detail, product and produce are synonymous with quality.  This includes their supermarket Heroes.

So who are these heroes.  This week we introduce you to a very special pair, Chris & Matt and just in time for Valentines day!

Chris and Matt have collectively worked at Dorking Waitrose for over two decades.  They look after the wine department here in Dorking and have an exceptional talent for picking out top wines for you to enjoy!

Both Chris and Matt hold qualifications with WSET , Wine & Spirit Education Trust and are our very own wine specialists.  WSET is an exam driven qualification designed around all alcoholic drinks, wine, beer and spirits. There are various levels of qualification and these boys have achieved level II.  

Training lasts for a year, learning about all wines, grapes, methods of blending, regions, soil and different terroir environments.  The course is so detailed that when it comes to tasting wines, the boys can recommend what wines would compliment our food choices.

With Chinese cuisine high on our culinary desires, we asked which wines would they recommend for a night in with a Chinese meal with great company.

Chris boldly selected a choice of three wines, Gewurztraminer – a dry white.  Hedonist a fine Shiraz, perfect for aromatic duck and of course Sake, just for that extra element of surprise when entertaining guests.

With organic and vegan produce becoming high on customer agendas, we ask what to look for when making a considered decision into our wine choices. 

“Sustainable produce and wine are certainly more popular today and as customers become more aware about what they eat and drink, we advise customers to drink English wines especially if they are concerned about their carbon footprint.  

We also have a wide variety of organic wines that use vegan preservatives, for example removing milk as a preservative’’  

English wines are certainly making quite the impact on supermarket shelves and here in Dorking we are blessed with the rolling hills of the Surrey downs and home to the wonderful Denbies Wines Estate.   Their award winning wines are stocked and on sale at Waitrose – It would be rude to not try! 

With Valentine’s day just around the corner, we ask Chris and Matt what their favourite wines are and what food choices would they select for night in with that special person. 

Matt selects a bottle of crisp white Sauvignon, Ned from the Waihopai in New Zealand, with muscles & Chris a full bodied red, Chateau Musar from Ghazir, Libia, with steak.

Chris & Matt tell me that the most important part of their job is to advise and supply Dorking’s customers with the best possible customer services.  We really care about our customers and are incredibly proud to be Waitrose Heroes! 

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