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Weekly BID Update

15 July 2023

Every week, we are sharing our weekly round up of what we accomplished at the Dorking BID. Thank you for your support of the BID and here’s our update:

Digital Transformation

✅ Springboard training in aid of our free footfall counters

✅ Extensive website updates: forms, minutes, blogs

✅ Evaluate closed loop local currency (Dorking Gift Card)

✅ Future Dorking: follow up manage programme, timeline and stakeholder management

Creative Campaigns

✅ Executed competitions, coordinated with partners to include LoyalFree, Born Free Foundation and the public

✅ LoyalFree marketing coordination of all materials and collateral

✅ Summer Safari campaign development and management

✅ Social media execution: blogs, promotion, channel management

✅ Earned media: BBC Radio spots (2)

✅ Surrey Hills Enterprises promotion

✅ Mailchimp development: copy, promotion and social follow up on all channels

✅ Followed up with Southern Rail on sustainability programme; evaluating viability of a campaign


✅ Invited to Member Event; invited BID businesses to feature products and services - coordinated with businesses and collected products.

✅ LoyalFree Trail coordination: messaging, promotion, asset development, timeline and execution of printing for the trail

✅ Extensive Christmas coordination with all parties - reservation of banner sites, pricing estimates, consultation work, project plan execution (tactical items: booking form development, WhatsApp, etc.), meeting with prospective partners, decor, trails, traffic management, etc

✅ Met with Council on Christmas coordination and consultation

✅ Consultation with partners

✅ Consultation with Council on parking for events

Business Support

✅ Closed Surrey Hills Enterprises; completed website entry, adding events, operational/finance

✅ Engagement with council; checked on vacancy rates, miscellaneous BID activities and operational aspects of BID management and finance

✅ BID Chairman Update

✅ Support levy payers with billing issues; coordination with Council

✅ Levy Payer support meeting

✅ BID Board forward planning and liaising with the Council

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