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Weekly BID Update - 11 August

Every week, we share our weekly round up of what we accomplished at the Dorking BID. Thank you for your support of the BID. When we support our local businesses, we are making an investment in our local community. Join us!

This week we also launched our Dorking LoyalFree Summer Safari Trail - our Store Manager from Specsavers will be on BBC Surrey tomorrow, 12 August at 8:40am. Be sure to tune in!

Digital Transformation

✅ Pippfest web pages and support

✅ Christmas consultation updates and edits - multiple iterations

✅ Continued CRM work - coordination with MVDC

✅ Continued work on Gift Card efforts

✅ Continued website updates: forms, minutes, blogs 

✅ Future Dorking: met with partners, finalised documentation and printing for meetings.

✅ Multiple web updates - Pippfest, Policing, Consultation, Christmas, Traffic, Summer Safari, Instameet Itinerary

Creative Campaigns

✅ Continued execution of  competitions, coordinated with partners to include LoyalFree, Born Free Foundation and the public

✅ Continued LoyalFree marketing coordination of all materials and collateral

✅ Continued Summer Safari print campaign development and management

✅ Social media execution: blogs, promotion, channel management 

✅ Mailchimp development: copy, promotion and social follow up on all channels

✅ Blogging - marketing weekends, placemaking, trails

✅ PR, Media Training, Talking Points

✅ Responded to BBC Radio requests

✅ Mailchimp development: copy, promotion and social follow up on all channels

✅ Social media execution, copywriting, reporting


✅ Coordinated Instameet - parking, coordination

✅ Finalising Pippfest: website support, marketing and PR 

✅ Management of ‘A Very Dorkensian Christmas’ - event management coordination with MVDC, Highways, Traffic Management, engagement with businesses and residents. This continues to be a significant level of effort.

✅ *Extensive* Christmas coordination with all parties - coordination with community partners

✅ Continued meetings with Council on Christmas coordination and consultation

✅ LoyalFree coordination and execution

✅ Coordination with Surrey Highways, MVDC, external parties

✅ Coordinated with Councillors on Dorking Planning

Business Support

✅ Finalised Business Plan documentation

✅ Finalised AGM Documentation

✅ BID Chairman Update

✅ BID Board Meeting documentation

✅ BID Board reports

✅ Held BID Board Meeting

✅ Community partner meetings 

✅ Volunteer meetings 

✅ Recruited two new Volunteer Levy Payers and processed paperwork

✅ Development of agenda for BID Board meeting; coordination and submission of notes to BID Board, collate all documentation

✅ Composed messaging for mailchimps 

✅ Continued Levy Payer support - multiple meetings and engagement 

✅ Printing requests from colleagues

✅ Supporting businesses on cost comparisons at the request of a business

✅ Finance and operations support

✅ Landlord strategy development

✅ Evaluate policing strategy and grant programme for Safer Streets 5 - significant amount of work on policing and safety

Image Credit: Dorking Camera Club

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