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Want a change to the home office? Say hello to Deepdene in Dorking

19 November 2020

Deepdene consists of a Business Lounge and Restaurant & Bar. Whether you are looking for a co-working office space or a casual meal and a drink, Deepdene has you covered.

We offer a contemporary dining experience in the heart of Dorking. Our menu includes modern dishes and well-loved classics including a range of sharing dishes and mains. We challenge you to find a better burger in Dorking! We offer delicious vegan options and can cater to most dietary requirements.

Our business lounge has been designed to deliver comfortable workspaces to foster interaction and productivity. We have open plan desks and booth seating to choose from depending on your requirements. Our members also benefit from using our private meeting room, which operates on a fair usage policy.

What can one expect from the co-working spaces at Deepdene?

With open plan desks and booth seating to choose from depending on your requirements. Their members also benefit from using a private meeting room, which operates on a fair usage policy.

No contract flexible memberships which include continental breakfast options. Selected beverages are also complimentary including water, tea, coffee and cordial.

Their members pay a competitive monthly fee with the flexible option of full day or half day rates. Memberships can be cancelled anytime on 30 days’ notice. Walk-in options are available too. This means you only pay when you need to use the business lounge.

Their WI-FI is superfast. We have a gigabit leased line connection meaning files can be uploaded and downloaded superfast.

Copier and scanning facilities are available too. If you need to print then they have a selection of paper and print settings for you to choose from at highly competitive rates.

What COVID safety measures does Deepdene have in place?

Opening in the midst of a pandemic has enabled us to shape the design and the layout of our premises to take into consideration the need to safely distance from other workers. We have reduced the number of people that we allow in here at any one time and have created seventeen individual workspaces. Some of these spaces are large and can accommodate more than one person, if the current rules and legislation in place permit this to happen. We have the same hand sanitisers that are found in NHS hospitals and run a cleaning programme as any hospitality and office based business would, but having read the guidelines from the government, we have taken the time to identify high contact areas and ensure that they are cleaned more regularly, as well as increasing the levels of routine cleaning that we would do. There are also changes to the way that we set up our restaurant in the evening. Where previously we would lay tables, now we don’t. We only bring cutlery and glassware to the tables when it is ordered. We also remind users to be courteous of others using the space, as well as operating track and trace.

What refreshments/food can one get from Deepdene as they work?

Our restaurant menu is available throughout the day for anyone using the Business Lounge. For regular users of the lounge we offer light bites, sandwiches, wraps and jacket potatoes with a variety of toppings. The kitchen is staffed throughout the day and the chef is very accommodating. If there is something that you can’t find on the menu, please ask and we will do our best to make it for you. If not, we will ensure that we are able to the next time, within reason. When we finally come out of the pandemic, we will offer a weekly menu for users of the lounge, so they will be able to enjoy different specials each day.

How is a co-working space booked with Deepdene?

Booking is very easy, either by email, online through our website or often the best way is just to give us a call.

What’s something that the people of Dorking might not know about Deepdene?

I am sure by now that everyone knows that we have the best burgers in Surrey. We probably have the best roast dinner in Surrey too, but if you were to ask me what would be something people do not know about Deepdene, I would say that it is that we are very soon going to expand into the unit next door and become the go to venue in Dorking for anyone that is looking to work, dine, dance, sleep, repeat! You name it, we’ll have it going on in there. In the New Year we are also looking to open a spa facility on the first floor to add to our overall co-working offer.

Any insider secrets for when people visit?

I have already mentioned that we have the best burgers in Surrey, but a little known secret is that we have the smoothest coffee of anywhere around. Whilst this makes for a great pick-me-up, if you are looking for a bit of a kick, then why not try one of our espresso martinis! With the smoothness of the coffee here, you won’t find a better one anywhere else. We also have the widest selection of rums, gins and just generally spirit selection of anywhere in Dorking. We also do a fantastic Greek style frappe!

What is it you love most about being in Dorking?

Dorking is and always has been a wonderful place to work, rest and play. It is why I decided to open not just this business, but also my confectionery business, and why I hope to open further businesses as time goes on. These are to include a car wash and grocers. What makes it so wonderful? I have always said, it is the people that make the place!

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