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Every week, we will share our weekly round up of what we accomplished at the Dorking BID. We have been sharing them on social media, and will create an archive of the previous weeks' posts soon. For now, please enjoy this week's round up!

A new social media channel has dropped, no one knows exactly what is going to happen, but we are all are rolling with it — it is kind of like building a ROCKET mid-flight. 

We have observations on this, and if you are figuring out whether you want to use Threads yourself, here is the scoop -- and remember, we are here to help you!

Finally, HUGE news from us this week -- we have been awarded the Trade Mark Surrey Hills, an accreditation and a Mark of local provenance, quality and sustainability. The Award promotes the very best of what Surrey has to offer and celebrates those organisations of high quality that reflect and support the distinct and special nature of the Surrey Hills and who share the values of supporting the local environment. Congratulations, Dorking! You're unstoppable.

Read the full press release here.

BID Results this week

In case you were wondering what we got up to this week at the Dorking BID, we we have four work streams that help us to achieve positive outcomes. Any questions, please let us know. Here’s what we accomplished this week: 

Digital Transformation

- Added TWO more sponsors to our LoyalFree Summer Safari Trail that kicks off in August - the Born Free Foundation has added an amazing hamper chock full of amazingness AND Martha Russell on West Street have added an incredible £300 vouchers to her shop. Thank you for your support!

- Collaboration with LoyalFree to develop assets and creative for our businesses plus exploration of new features — if you’re not using LoyalFree to reach your customers, you are MISSING OUT! Get in touch today to get started or to update your offers.

- Supported businesses regarding LoyalFree implementation, materials and campaigns

- Website management: even more work on the back end of our website; development of itineraries, forms and tidy up

- Website Updates: development of itineraries and campaigns in support of this approach

Creative Campaigns

- Collaboration with the community to create a Christmas Committee; collaboration with BBC Surrey

- Secured an interview with BBC Surrey for next Tuesday in the morning

- Research and background work on Christmas, events, and community collaboration

- Finalised and published our Dorking Summer Gift Guide - have you seen it? Scroll down to view it - be sure to share it, shout about it, and if you want to BE in it, let us know. We are working through our Faces of Dorking campaign and will create a fantastic e-magazine for Christmas. Stay tuned.

- Exploration of gift cards as a concept for Dorking - we discovered this at the ATCM conference and are looking into new sources of revenue for our businesses.

- Collaboration/outreach with community partners; collaboration with Levy Payers and promotion of their businesses 

- Sorted Threads quickly and efficiently - find us at

- Continued social media execution on four channels; added Threads as a fifth to ensure we keep Dorking competitive.


- Finalised events and created campaigns, assets and materials to include print media. Collaboration with with Dorking Service Centre (thank you Emma Swaine, you legend!)

- Preparation for IGERS instameet with external and internal partners 

- Provided feedback on an FSB Focus Group regarding high street transformation

- Preparation for Summer events - licensing, PR, marketing, printing, distribution of materials

- Christmas planning: project plan, risk assessment, traffic management, strategy, coordination with markets, PR, coordination with Council, creation of committee and meeting schedule, blog published

- Coordination with rail partners regarding closure of train ticket offices; coordination and planning regarding summer marketing programme

- Meetings and coordination regarding Future Dorking, background work and project planning, vendor management

Business Support

- Board Meeting with focus on Future Dorking - really exciting public realm/placemaking planning.

- Additional collaboration with Mole Valley on a variety of business support initiatives.

- Followed up on a collaborative effort regarding providing a pop up space for businesses

- Preparation for training programme for business community (focus on Autumn schedule)

- Sent newsletter on Tuesday to keep community informed of our work

- BID reporting, meeting minutes and management of the BID/VA work

- Secured award for Surrey Hills Enterprises; all associated work for website publication, Press Release, documentation, imagery and assets 

- Financial management and accounting 

- Securing free footfall counters for the BID through the High Streets Task Force - undertaking free training now

Check out our Dorking Summer Gift Guide


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