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If you love an outdoor adventure, then look no further. Nestled in the Surrey Hills, Dorking has a wealth of outdoors beauty spots, hiking trails and cycling paths.  You’re going to need your energy, so let’s start with a hearty breakfast at any of our amazing cafes – Dorking really does have it all, from international chains like Starbucks and Costa, to the best independents around (we may be biased). The toughest choice is deciding which independent cafe to use: Cosy Moose, Two Many Cooks, Mullins Coffee Shop, Cups and Co, Holme Stores, Oriund Cafe – the list goes on. So tag us in the comments with your favourite.

You’ve then some options!

Cyclists might like to head up to Box Hill, Leith Hill or onto Ranmore Common, or take your pick from the best cycling trails in Dorking. There’s something for all levels of experience and enthusiasm. 

Walkers might like to check out the Stepping Stones and the path to Box Hill, or drive to Friday Street and wander along the woodland walk to Leith Hill and its fabulous views, or see what pursuits are on the cards in our local ramblers group. Or try the Deepdene Trail, a wonderful trail just 15 minute’s stroll from Dorking’s town centre.

The Deepdene Trail really is one for all the family. If you’d like a guided tour you can download a handy app (take a look here: App Store or Google Play), or you can just play it by ear and plot your own way to the Deepdene estate, one of the country’s most historically significant gardens. Privately owned since their creation in the 17th Century, the recently opened trail explores the area’s connection to the famous cursed Hope Diamond, the tragic reason behind the Hope family Mausoleum, and how this unique landscape has changed over time.

Current Tour Schedule

Sunday 23 July at 2pm
Sunday 17 September at 2pm
Sunday 22 October at 2pm
Tours leave from Dorking Golf Club clubhouse

Back in town you could have a swim or get to the footie - after all, Dorking now has a professional football team… we have a football stadium with a fabulous restaurant called The Lounge too, with good eats for after too.

The countryside around Dorking is acknowledged to be one of the finest for outdoors pursuits. Make the most of it on your trip to Dorking.

Check out the Dorking Museum Tour Schedule

Book your walks, cave tours and tours directly with the award-winning and volunteer-led Dorking Museum.

Hidden Dorking Historic Walks

Sunday 16 July at 11am
Sunday 6 August at 2pm
Sunday 24 September at 11am
Sunday 15 October at 11am
Walks depart from Dorking Museum

Family Treasure Hunt - with prizes for the children

Sunday 9 July at 2pm
Friday 28 July at 2pm
Sunday 3 August at 2pm
Wednesday 30 August at 2pm
Sunday 24 September at 2pm
Walks depart from Dorking Museum

Dorking's Famous Ghost Walk

Tuesday 31 October at 6pm
Walk departs from St Martin’s churchyard

Betchworth Castle Tours

Sunday 16 July at 2pm
Sunday 13 August at 2pm
Sunday 10 September at 2pm (Free HOD walk)
Sunday 15 October at 2pm
Walks leave from the entrance to
Betchworth Park Golf Club

Historic Pub Walks

Saturday 8 July at 6pm
Saturday 12 August at 6pm
Saturday 16 September at 6pm (Free HOD walk)
Walks depart from Dorking Museum

Photo Credit: Dorking Camera Club


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