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Our Business Improvement District is all about community collaboration, representation and positivity, and we want you to be a part of it.

Are you a local artist, designer, or maker with incredible talent and passion, who wants to be more visible and reach more people? Then we are here to be your local matchmakers. We want to connect you with our vibrant BID businesses, helping you gain access, visibility and to sell your amazing products. Sound like a plan? Then read on.

Our goal is to make Dorking a destination by creating a beautiful symphony of local creativity, business excellence and visitor experience. We're committed to supporting both local businesses and talented creatives, nurturing win-win relationships where everyone flourishes.

Imagine your products on the shelves of one of our popular high street shops or your designs hanging on the walls of one of our busy cafés. We want to help you realise this dream and match you with a like-minded business to make it a reality. We've seen successful collaborations between BID Businesses and our DorKing Coronation award winning artists, brilliant exhibitions at the Star, and more! Let's keep that collaboration going and bring products to a broader market.

So if you're ready to elevate your locally-made craft and showcase your work to another audience then please reach out to us by DM or email, or tag a local artisan you know in the comments, and let's collaborate. Our multi-award-winning BID team has extensive go-to-market and brand building experience nationally and internationally.

Let's bring Dorking businesses together so our high street has a bright future! This is just one more way we are thinking creatively to rejuvenate our high street.

Twinkleton Art (winner of our DorKing Coronation art competition)

Tiffany Budd Art (winner of our DorKing Coronation art competition)

Suzy West, Illustrator/Artist

Art and more

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