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Thank you for joining us at our Christmas Festival on Sunday.

As Christmas approaches, the Dorking BID has kicked off the festivities with Small Business Saturday and our Very Dorkensian Christmas Festival. We extend a warm thank you to our businesses, our BID Board, our members, our volunteers, and community partners. We appreciate the support of our Christmas grotto sponsors, Dorking Travel, the Mortgage Bureau, and Robinsons Estate Agents. This group includes: BBC Radio, sponsors, volunteers, our committee, residents, churches, schools, charities and non profits (Friends of Dorking, The Mens Shed, and Circular Dorking), Safety Advisory Group, our street clean up crew, community partners and more - all those who have joined in to support Dorking, and all spearheaded and funded by the Business Improvement District and our generous sponsors

Congratulations Dorking

Not only did our event feature in BBC Radio's Story of the Day, Dorking also made The Times photo of the day. Huge thanks to photographer Paul Quezada-Neiman, The Dorking Desk Shop, the Kings Arms Pub and Dorking Dramatic Arts Society for his collaboration in this effort with our team at the Dorking BID.

The Times Photo of the Day online by Paul Quezada-Neiman

Shining a light on Community Spirit

This year, the celebrations extended beyond twinkling lights, with live music, festive stalls, sustainable shops, children's activities, food and fare - we also celebrated our Dorking spirit with our Community Spirit Awards. This initiative is aimed at shining a spotlight on the incredible businesses, individuals and volunteers making a real and recognisable difference in our beloved town.

Here are the unsung heroes of our community:

The nominees in the category of High Street Hero truly embody the helpful spirit of High Street community engagement and support. Here is what the Judge Mark Carter said about the winner:


"The team at Bullimores clearly go above and beyond. They don’t just focus on their business but are at the heart of the local community."

This category of Sustainability Champion acknowledges the champions of sustainability, those leading the charge for a greener, more conscious Dorking. The category was judged by Wendy Varcoe, Executive Director of Surrey Hills Enterprises. And the winner is:

Tony White

"Exemplifying sustainability through action, reducing waste, and collaborating extensively within the community, Tony White is especially notable for setting up Community Fridges."

This category of Volunteer of the Year celebrates the selfless efforts of volunteers dedicated to making a difference in Dorking. The category was judged by Clare Davies, winner of our previous Volunteer Award, and recipient of many national accolades for her own community service. The winner of the Volunteer of the Year is:

Wendy Saunders

"A tireless advocate for all things Dorking, Wendy passionately driving projects that promote business and environmental awareness."

When we support our local high street businesses, we invest in ourselves - in our town. Events like this matter - shopping locally matters for our town's future. We all shape it. Thank you for supporting Dorking High Street and our wonderful community. 

Photos of the day

Do you have experiences to share? Tag us on socials at @hellodorking to be featured.

By Luke Whatley-Bigg

As the holiday season gets nearer, Dorking is gearing up for our incredible Very Dorkensian Christmas Festival that promises to light up the town with festive cheer!

And this year, the celebrations extend beyond just the twinkling lights, because we have our Community Spirit Awards. This initiative is aimed at shining a spotlight on the incredible businesses, individuals and volunteers making a real and recognisable difference in our beloved town.

Let’s take a look at our categories and our nominees:

High Street
Hero Contenders

The nominees in this category truly embody the helpful spirit of High Street community engagement and support:

Caroline Russell at Martha Russell/The Notebook: An unsung hero, growing her business ethically and sustainably while enriching the High Street.

David Driscoll at Seymours: Changing the perception of estate agents by actively supporting and contributing to the local community in numerous impactful ways.

Bullimores: A team that goes above and beyond, fostering connections beyond their business to uplift the local community. With a team composed of leaders like Nick Boot and Margaret Brett, Dorking businesses and its community are in great hands.

Rosemary at Beatitudes: A shop with a heart, focusing on the needs of the younger generation, especially those in greater need.

Dorking Butchery: Not just a provider of quality products but also a generous contributor to the wider community.

Sustainability Champion Contenders

This category acknowledges the champions of sustainability, those leading the charge for a greener, more conscious Dorking:

Anna Musgrave: Inspiring change within her school and broader community, shaping the future generation towards a more sustainable path.

Circular Dorking: An inspiration and a hub of information for those seeking to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle.

Tony White: Exemplifying sustainability through action, reducing waste, and collaborating extensively within the community, especially notable for setting up Community Fridges.

Pat Smith: Leading change and providing invaluable support for Dorking's journey towards sustainability.

The Food Float: A beacon for locally produced food, delivered sustainably to local homes, championing the importance of locality and sustainability.

Volunteer of the Year Contenders

This category celebrates the selfless efforts of volunteers dedicated to making a difference in Dorking:

Margaret Brett: Margaret must surely be Dorking's most prolific Volunteer! For the last five years she spends every Wednesday morning volunteering for the Deepdene trail, keeping our green spaces clean and tidy. 

Sally Elias: From trying to save historical buildings for community use with CHiP, to the incredible work she does with Dorking Minds, Sally really embodies giving back, contributing and helping others. 

Simon Edmands: Simon volunteers with an open heart and offers good advice and a smile. He offers to help and run many fundraising quizzes for Friends of Dorking, Dorking & District Town Twinning Association, PSDS, and offers support for Dorking Christmas Lights, MND and more.

Wendy Saunders: A tireless advocate for all things Dorking, passionately driving projects that promote business and environmental awareness.

Jacqui Hamlin: What a legend Jacqui Hamlin is. Every single year, Jacqui organises Pippfest. She does this, without fail, and inspires a massive team of grass roots volunteers and artists to create an incredible event for the community and for a good cause.

Pat Smith: Pat (Dorking Climate Emergency) tirelessly campaigns for a more sustainable future. She keeps everyone updated on what's going on locally, what we should all be doing to lower our impact and she truly practices what she preaches. She never gives up, she attends every local event and promotes sustainability whenever there is an opportunity. She mobilises people to speak up and take action. She is an absolute inspiration.

The Community Spirit Awards are shining a spotlight on all these amazing local businesses and people, showcasing their efforts and inspiring others to join in building a stronger, more vibrant Dorking. Join us on 3rd December as the winners of the awards are announced on the main stage at 1pm and we all come together to celebrate and honour these remarkable contributors to our community!

Let’s light up Dorking with our community spirit this holiday season!

Meet the judges here.


Our team is shortlisted for the Comms2Point0 UnAwards 2023 Best Comms Team

You have a say in whether our team is awarded best comms team in a highly competitive field. We are shortlisted with some of the best and brightest comms teams across the country. Our DorKing Coronation project was also shortlisted for the Association for Town and City Management (ATCM) Best Social and Community Event in 2023 this summer. Let's raise the profile of Dorking and vote for our team below.

View our submission below

Dorking BID/DigiKind Ltd

The Dorking Business Improvement District (BID) was successfully elected for its second term in December 2022 after year-long hiatus. The all-volunteer, business-led BID Board selected DigiKind in February 2023 to manage the BID. I was selected to serve as ‘BID Manager’ and I brought on board my small team to support the engagement part time: a community manager to address social media, a virtual assistant/copy writer, and a website developer. In addition to managing the digital, creative, public realm, finance, and business support aspects of the BID, we were asked to host a Coronation event for the town in May.

Many businesses and locals felt Dorking had ‘missed out’ on the Jubilee event the previous year due to the BID’s year-long hiatus. Dorking businesses and the town, like many in the UK, had suffered from the impacts of the pandemic, the closure of all nearly all banking services, rising food costs, parking fees, global conflicts, and inflation. From a reputation management perspective, BIDs also have a mixed response from businesses. We worked collaboratively with our BID Board to announce that DigiKind was supporting the BID and received a warm welcome from the community. I decided to meet one on one with businesses and our community partners — to listen, ask for advice and feedback, and to introduce myself.

Dorking, once heralded as the hidden gem of the Surrey Hills, is a town that requires much needed community pride, promotion and economic investment. Together with our community partners, we established the following three goals for the Coronation:

  1. Celebrate the best of Dorking’s ‘Heritage, Culture, and Spirit’ (this is the BID’s brand and tagline).
  2. Encourage use of the BID’s digital programme, LoyalFree through a Window Art campaign – encouraging visitors, businesses, local community, and partners to take a tour of Dorking – encouraging people to shop, eat, stay, play and celebrate.
  3. Celebrate ‘The Big Help Out’ aspect of the coronation; aligning with the King’s ethos of volunteerism, sustainability and local business support, focusing on and featuring what makes Dorking special – the community.

In late February, after I had met with most of my targeted stakeholders, I promoted and convened an open meeting with the community – with anyone interested in potentially getting involved in a town-wide event. We formed a committee (with a standing open invitation for anyone who wanted to join in) composed of BID Levy Payers, Board members, businesses, non-profits, residents, councillors, council employees, special interest groups, and school representatives. I presented the group with the ‘official’ government and Royal Coronation plans and a few ideas to focus their efforts to align the committee’s goals with the King’s ethos of volunteerism, sustainability and supporting local businesses.

The committee selected Monday, 8th May (The Big Help Out) as our event date, and brainstormed themes and programme ideas. We developed a programme of musical acts, entertainment, inclusivity, sustainability, quirkiness and fun.

We focused on building stronger community bonds, raising the profile of our businesses in the high street, how to volunteer in town, and showcasing Dorking’s heritage, culture and spirit. 20 volunteers supported us on the day, to include nearly all of our board members.

I created the ‘DorKing’ Coronation theme and added the official Royal seal to the iconography. I wanted to ensure we created brand ambassadors who would share our story for us, so I created a toolkit for every audience profile with messaging. I shared it on our google drive and Rosie (our comms/community manager, shared it on our socials).

We engaged local community partners and volunteer organisations to come together and out on the day, sharing their good work with others – with the intention of sustaining these efforts long after the Bank Holiday ended.

The team demonstrated action, impact and value with clear key performance indicators. We measured sentiment via surveys, conducted social media monitoring, media monitoring (earned media), and estimated footfall (as the BID had no longer paid for footfall counters). Hundreds of people nominated each other for awards; thousands of people voted in our competitions.

This is what we offered at our DorKing Coronation, as aligned to our campaign objectives:

We delivered the project on 8th May 2023 and are still executing on this work.

Date project delivered from: Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Date project delivered to: Monday, May 8, 2023

Dorking Coronation Images

Brief outline of strategy/plan

We aligned our strategy to our programme goals. We developed a comprehensive project plan for the duration of the event, which included an omni-channel communications approach, a ‘PESO’ PR and targeted media approach, researched best practices for the King’s Coronation and requirements around the Coronation Weekend, and Smart/KPIs to measure our impact. We conducted extensive research in Dorking and surveys to ensure we reflected our community’s interests and held weekly sprints with our coronation committee. We collaborated closely with our councils (Surrey and Mole Valley) and with the community. Key to our plan was encouraging community engagement from all of our target audiences. We created shareable decks and toolkits that we hosted on our website.

We worked in partnership with our entire stakeholder community, establishing our new BID team as a community partner, demonstrating how we operated as a BID: effective, collegial and collaborative.

We maintained open lines of communication and were transparent with everyone, sharing plans and checklists to ensure deadlines were met and our community felt included. This was their town, they had a voice, and they could be proud of it. We met (and meet) on a weekly basis to brief our BID Chairman and monthly with the Board to ensure transparency and to receive feedback and guidance on our plans.

Word of our event reached Ojay McDonald, CEO of the Association of Town and City Management and I was invited to present our plan to the wider ATCM group. We were shortlisted for Best Social and Community Contribution Award 2023. Our Coronation plan was shared as a best practice to the ATCM community.

We used the following approach to execute our work:

  1. Digital Transformation - we encouraged businesses to join our LoyalFree art trail to encourage self-propelled tourism and created a digital programme (there we listed all activities, featured participating organisations, sponsors for the event, nominees for our awards, and winners of the art competition).
  2. Place Making - we created an art competition, enabled public voting and created an art installation from winners). We hosted 5 musicians, entertainers, children’s activities, henna art, and 40 community organisations and a sustainable market to the town to increase town pride and celebrate the people of Dorking.
  3. Creative Campaigns - In addition to hosting the Window Art Trail and the Art Competition, we created the Community Spirit Awards: Sustainability, Volunteer and Best High Street Business, judged by three experienced and renowned individuals across Surrey: the head of BBC Surrey, the head of Visit Surrey (DMO) and a well-respected Surrey marketing business.
  4. Business Support - we provided bunting, floral displays, photography and assets to support business promotion. Generate earned media for businesses. All were welcome at our Monday ‘sprints’ and we provided weekly updates to our businesses and the public both on Mailchimp, and on our social media channels to encourage engagement. We collaborated with the Council Economic Development and Permitting teams early and often to ensure all paperwork was done on time and correctly.

We hosted an incredible DorKing Coronation event on 8th May 2023 that celebrated Dorking town's heritage, culture and spirit. It was attended by approximately 5,000 attendees. We delivered:

Here's how we measured our results:

Our widely read and downloaded programme

Ours was an inclusive event that featured the best of Dorking’s heritage, culture and spirit. High streets are changing and without community support, our businesses will not survive. We brought our town together to execute a meaningful Coronation event that featured the community of Dorking, its volunteers, its artists, musicians, schools, its businesses, and its independent spirit. We were under budget for this event, which is really important as we are a business-funded organisation.

1. Digital Transformation

For the LoyalFree App and art town trail: Waitrose donated two hampers and 675 people engaged with the app. LF requested our campaign as a best practice. We created a popular, vibrant and modern digital and print programme (Issuu booklet) that was downloaded 4,700 times in three weeks and had 125,000 link impressions. Four of the five artists are now selling their artwork in our high street shops. One artist has been featured on BBC Introductions through our recommendation. We are not only increasing positive media coverage; we are generating new opportunities and income for businesses through our work.

2. Place Making

Our community event included a public art exhibition composed of the winners of our art competition, composed of 29 local entries which were voted on by the public. Ten vibrant sails were printed, emblazoned with the artwork of the winning artists and adorn Dorking’s high street throughout the summer, welcoming visitors to town. The campaign generated 1,750 votes and positive social media activity.

The DorKing Coronation brought approximately 5,000 people to the high street on the 8th May. The town was jubilant and filled with music, entertainment, children’s activities, henna art, with over 40 community organisations and sustainable market vendors. The positive feedback was overwhelming with hundreds of positive comments. People wanted us to close the high street and we are doing so for our ‘Very Dorkensian Christmas Festival’ 3rd December 2023.

3. Creative Campaigns

In addition to hosting the Window Art Trail and the Art Competition, we also created a Community Spirit Award composed of three awards (Sustainability, Volunteer and Best High Street Business), judged by three experienced and renown individuals across Surrey: the head of BBC Surrey, the head of Visit Surrey and a well-respected Surrey marketing business. This inculcated community spirit and also helped us promote the town with community influencers who shared messages on our behalf. Each entry received over 85 applications/nominations. 3 winners were selected.

4. Business Support

Throughout the Coronation, we encouraged participation from all of our business partners and also from all of our community partners. Transparent communications was encouraged and all had access to project plans and checklists (sanitised for GDPR compliance), to include Council teams, who joined us every Monday and were instrumental in supporting our licensing and permitting. Our key messages were shared via ‘Parentmail’, on businesses’ and nonprofits social media accounts, on Visit Surrey and Council websites, email and socials. We generated seven pieces of print earned media and 12 media interviews.

I am exceedingly proud of what we have achieved and I think people believe we are on the right track in Dorking . We successfully hosted a free Coronation event that was heavily featured in the press and recognised by the Royal Family. It was designed to celebrate our community and generate civic pride and we achieved our goals. All aspects of the planning and execution was done collaboratively and in partnership with business, community, residents and families, council, non-profits, industry partners, tech partners, the artist community, local churches, and educational partners.

We ensured that we listened to our community partners and took on board their feedback. We did this in two months, under budget and we also did this all without compromising our purpose-driven approach to community consultation, omni-channel communications, research and data analysis, stakeholder segmentation and audience analysis, establishing KPIs and SMART metrics, and evaluating our results. An outcome of our approach is establishing trust in our team and the BID extending our contract for another year. We are now working with our council teams and community on A Very Dorkensian Christmas, bringing a banking hub to Dorking, and collaborating on establishing the master plan for the town. We established early that we are collaborative, creative and deliver results under budget and in consultation with community partners. All of this was achieved whilst I am full time and my team are part time on this engagement.

Our event created a legacy that would be the kick-off to something truly meaningful for everyone, whether that's committing to support local high street businesses, adopting a new sustainable practice, or volunteering in the community. Or maybe just meeting one's neighbours. We have since held a street clean up with nearly 30 volunteers in attendance and are hosting another in November.

We consistently received positive feedback on our social media channels and have since grown our audience across all channels with our website pushing 20K visits per month (where we had only 1.4K when we started).

We even received a letter from the Personal Private Secretary to the King congratulating Dorking on the event. BBC Surrey spent the entire day with us and covered the event. They are joining us again for our Christmas Festival and we have generated media coverage, to include tier ones, than they have in the past seven years combined.

Here are a few testimonials from a survey we sent out, post event:

Photos courtesy of Dorking Camera Club

The BID - who we are

Celebrate our Heritage, Culture, Spirit with us!

We are honoured to welcome our three esteemed judges who embody and champion the independent spirit that helps to make Dorking a wonderful place to visit, live, work, and enjoy. Our judges are experts in public policy, social entrepreneurship, media and PR.

Join us in celebrating the heart of Dorking – our wonderful community!

The BID Community Spirit Awards celebrate the independent spirit that helps to make Dorking a wonderful place to visit, live, work, and enjoy. On the first weekend in December, we are celebrating Dorking - join us. On Saturday 2 December, we invite you to Shop Local and join our Small Business Saturday campaign and on 3 December we are pedestrianising Dorking High Street, South Street, West Street in a Very Dorkensian Christmas! 

As part of our celebration of all things Dorking, we are honouring three Dorkinians who have made a significant impact on our community.

Entering our awards programme is easy.

Nominate yourself or someone who inspires you. Entries close at midnight on 3rd November 2023.

Judging is based on criteria aligned to the awards and is outlined for each category below. All judging will be completed by the middle of November 2023. Finalists will be invited to the Very Dorkensian Chrismas Festival and award recipients will be announced live on social media and at the event at 3pm on stage.

Meet our Judges


Mark Carter

Deputy Managing Editor (BBC South and South East) and Presenter (BBC Radio Surrey)

Mark Carter has twenty-five years of experience as a presenter, journalist and producer. Mark is currently the Acting Executive Editor of BBC Radio Sussex and BBC Radio Surrey and is one of the most recognisable voices in the area, as a presenter on both stations. Mark is in demand as an events host, from awards ceremonies to political debates. In December 2019, Mark took the lead role in his first professional pantomime. Mark lives in Surrey and was the founder of Surrey Day, an annual celebration of life in the county.

Clare Davies

Life Coach and Winner of our BID DorKing Coronation Volunteer of the Year

Clare Davies is an Intuitive Life Coach, mother of three, successful entrepreneur, keen sailor and general lover of life.

Clare is passionate about many things in life and loves finding the root of a problem and solving it (she also loves a crossword!), so becoming a life coach was inevitable, as she has been coaching people all her life.

In 2017, Clare co-founded The Dorking Community Fridge which went on to become Mid Surrey Community Fridges CIC, saving over 1000 tonnes of good food from being wasted by the commercial food industry. During lockdown, MSCF delivered vital food parcels to vulnerable Dorking residents and became a life-line for many, including NHS workers and the elderly and isolated. As a result, MSCF was honoured to receive the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service; the MBE for charitable organisations.

Wendy Varcoe

Executive Director Surrey Hills Enterprises

Wendy has over 20 years’ of experience working within land regeneration, environmental improvements and conservation including working for the first Groundwork Trust in St Helens and in West London and central London regenerating London’s Canals.

Over the last 20 years Wendy’s work has focused on supporting local communities in Surrey, developing partnership projects and building community funds across all areas of community need.

Wendy was the Founding Director for the Community Foundation for Surrey and became its first Executive Director. In this time she has overseen the development of substantial new philanthropic funds to support community needs across Surrey. In total over £18 million has been secured for local communities since the Community Foundation was established in 2005. Wendy was awarded a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list for 2016 to recognise her dedication and hard work in supporting local communities in Surrey.

In 2017, Wendy moved from the Community Foundation for Surrey to take up the role of Executive Director at Surrey Hills Enterprises to support the development of the rural economy and to protect and enhance the Surrey Hills.

Meet our Judges

At the Dorking BID, we value relationships and creating value and impact for our community.

We are a business-led and business funded organisation that is working hard to bring inward investment to Dorking so that everyone benefits. Thank you to our sponsors for supporting our event and community! Have you seen our on-street life-sized Victorian 'people' on the high street? We are grateful to our sponsors for supporting our businesses and our event!




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Join us in celebrating the heart of Dorking – our wonderful community!

The BID Community Spirit Awards celebrate the independent spirit that helps to make Dorking a wonderful place to visit, live, work, and enjoy. We are honouring three Dorkinians who have made a significant impact on our community.

Entering is easy.

Nominate yourself or someone who inspires you. Entries close at midnight on 31 October 2023. 

Judging is based on criteria aligned to the awards and is outlined for each category below. All judging will be completed by the middle of November 2023. 

Finalists will be invited to the Very Dorkensian Christmas Festival and award recipients will be announced live on social media and at the event at 3pm on stage.

The Categories

Sustainability Champion

Our sustainability champion can be any individual who is leading, or who is taking steps to lead change in their organisation, business or as an individual to transform our community into a more sustainable place. We are celebrating the sustainable qualities we see or hope to see in our community. It is important for us to share and champion today, everyday and to mark the coronation of the new monarch. This award aims to celebrate and recognise those who put our planet before profit, who make change happen, the change-makers that champion it, and those who are leading projects or businesses doing things differently to address sustainability issues. 

Nominate someone/Nominate yourself: 

200-400 words: Sustainability: How do you/this nominee demonstrate their commitment to sustainability? How is this individual leading, or taking steps to lead change in their organisation, business or as an individual to transform our community into a more sustainable place. Please provide examples. 

Nominate someone/Nominate yourself

Volunteer of the Year

Let’s hear it for the volunteers! We are recognising those who do a bit extra for their local community. Volunteers add value to our local community that is difficult to quantify. Volunteering is not driven by money. It is how we give back, contribute, and help others to make a successful contribution to society at large. Any volunteer can apply for this award. 

Nominate someone/Nominate yourself: 

200-400 words: Volunteer: How is this person or organisation embodying giving back, contributing, and helping others to make a successful contribution to Dorking and to society at large?

Nominate someone/Nominate yourself

High Street Hero - Best High Street Business

Are you a bricks and mortar, high street business that contributes to the success of Dorking High Street? What actions are you taking to help others, rejuvenate the high street, and help others? You might be a mentor to other businesses, or perhaps you are working to drive footfall to other parts of the high streets. Maybe you reserve a space in your shop for artisans or local businesses without a high street presence. Perhaps you’re encouraging new technologies, going green and helping others to try new approaches. This can be a new business, a start up, a long-standing business – it is all good. You must have a high street shop to qualify. 

Nominate someone/Nominate yourself: 

200 - 400 words: High Street Hero: We need a hero! Tell us how this business contributes to the success of Dorking High Street. What actions are they taking to lift up others, to support and inspire and help the high street, and to help other businesses? They must be a high street business to qualify.

Nominate someone/Nominate yourself

Join our Very Dorkensian Christmas, 3rd December

Dorking has a buzzing local art scene, and it has a well-earned reputation as a hub of artists, ideas, people and creators.

This independent spirit has helped build the Dorking we know and love, and there’s no better way to reveal the true depths of a place than meeting the creators themselves and the galleries that host them. Visit our Artist's itinerary and be inspired by the creativity that resides in our town.

Recently multi-award winning fine artist Tiffany Budd from Newdigate invited Kairen Kemp of BBC Surrey and Sussex to pop around and visit her studio.

Tune in to hear Kairen and Tiffany's art chat. Scroll to 09:25 to listen to them chat about Hello Dorking and Tiffany's success in town.

BBC Surrey (Left)
Raminder X (Instameet - Right)

Seymours wins British Property Gold Award for Dorking Estate Agent

This great achievement is well deserved because of the first class service Seymours provides to their customers. As David and his team only operates in Surrey, their clients can rely on them to know everything there is to know about the area.

Their premises at Cummins House continues to provide a great space to view properties from across the area, because Seymours won't just sell you a house - they welcome you to your new home.

To find the house of your dreams, visit them on South Street or follow them online at @seymoursdorking to stay up to date with their latest properties.

Make sure you leave a comment to say congratulations on their well deserved win.

Seymours Dorking

Today we’re celebrating Cobbetts Beer Shop Micropub who have won the East and Mid Surrey CAMRA Award for:

Cider Pub of the Year

Serving a range of delicious ciders on tap, their famous blackboard will show you what’s available to quench your thirst.

Since opening its doors in 2010, Cobbetts has built up a loyal following of locals and visitors alike all looking for a unique drinking experience and a wide range of inventive and interesting drinks.

And if you’re not sure what you want, the Cobbetts team are always on hand with their in depth knowledge, and happy to help with your drink related questions.

Visit their Micro pub on West Street for their beer (and cider!), and banter!

Do you love Cobbett’s? Leave a comment to celebrate their win!

Cobbetts wins award

Why should you apply for awards?

One of our goals as a BID is to provide support to our businesses in raising their profile and the town's profile. By raising awareness, we drive audience, increase footfall and economic prospects for all. This increases pride of place and encourages people to visit and invest in Dorking. In short, awards matter.

Even if you don’t win, there is scientific proof that the period of self-reflection is actually good for you. Depending on your personality, it can help you evaluate your business and identify how you can improve.

Did you know that Dorking is full of award-winning businesses? Meet them here.

So what are you waiting for?

Do you need help applying? If you're a BID Business, let our team know and we will be happy to assist you. Here are our top five tips for applying to awards:

  1. Know what you are applying for, read the criteria carefully, and know when the award closes.
  2. Storytelling works. People love a story.
  3. Be clear, concise and direct.
  4. Be unique. Be vulnerable. Talk about your failures as much as your success. Just be YOU.
  5. Proofread and ask someone you trust to edit your work.

Apply now:

To view over 4,000 business awards, head on over to Boost's website to view the UK Awards-List where you can search by industry, region or country. We have expertise in applying for awards, public relations and marketing and are very happy to assist in the process or to answer questions you may have.

You can also sign up for automatic award alerts. These are customised by industry:

- UK Business Awards (The Dons) - 8th Sep
- Document Manager Awards - 8th Sep
- Shared Services Forum UK Future Vision Awards - Multiple dates
- The King's Awards for Enterprise - 12th Sep
- Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies - 15th Sep
- The Chartered Governance Institute UK & Ireland Awards - 18th Sep
- TITAN Business Awards - 20th Sep
- OStar International Award - Ongoing
- The South African Chamber of Commerce UK Business and Community Awards - 30th Sep
- Business Brilliance Awards - 6th Oct
- International Brilliance Awards - 6th Oct
- Ethical Awards - ~7th Oct
- Big Awards for Business (Business Intelligence Group) - 13th Oct
- The Peer Awards for Excellence - Multiple dates
- International Business Excellence Awards - 20th Oct
- Red Herring 100 Awards Europe - ~20th Oct
- Glassdoor's Best Places to Work - 27th Oct
- Working Mums Top Employer Awards - 27th Oct
- The Forum Awards - 30th Oct

Business Leaders
- Women of the Future Awards - 7th Sep
- Forward Ladies FL National Awards - 8th Sep
- The Globee Women in Business Awards - 20th Sep
- TITAN Women in Business Awards - 20th Sep
- Women in Sales Awards (Europe) - 21st Sep
- Top 50 Influential Muslims - Europe and the UK - 29th Sep
- The f:Entrepreneur Awards - 30th Sep
- The Precious Awards (for women of colour) - 30th Sep
- Brummell's Inspirational Women Trailblazers - N/A
- FDM everywoman in Technology Awards - 9th Oct
- British Beacon Mosque Awards - ~10th Oct
- Women in Governance, Risk and Compliance Awards - ~11th Oct
- I AM H.E.R. International Awards - ~15th Oct
- Cranfield School of Management Women to Watch - N/A
- Women in Innovation Awards - ~19th Oct
- Ragan's Top Women in Communications Awards - 20th Oct
- Global Leaders in Consulting - ~20th Oct
- Women's Business Club Awards UK - 31st Oct

Construction & Architecture
- CIBSE Building Performance Awards - 5th Sep
- RIBAJ Rising Stars - 6th Sep
- CABE Built Environment Awards - 6th Sep
- Architectural Review AR House Awards - 8th Sep
- Architecture in Perspective Annual Competition - 8th Sep
- Global Future Design Awards - 10th Sep
- RIBA Stirling Prize - N/A
- The Architecture Community World Design Awards - 20th Sep
- TITAN Property Awards - 20th Sep
- Construction Marketing Awards - 22nd Sep
- Larsen Architecture Awards - 25th Sep
- Surface Design Awards - 29th Sep
- National Fenestration Awards - 29th Sep
- OPAL Awards - 10th Oct
- ASBP Awards - ~14th Oct
- ICE People's Choice Awards - ~18th Oct
- Sir Moir Lockhead Safety Award - ~23rd Oct

Corporate Social Responsibility
- World Green City Awards - 15th Sep
- TLC Lions - Being Human Awards - 18th Sep
- Sustainable Future Awards - 20th Sep
- Recruitment Industry Disability Initiative RIDI Awards - 30th Sep
- Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index - Ranking
- The edie Awards - 13th Oct
- Britain's Healthiest Workplace - 31st Oct
- WISE100 Awards for Women in Social Enterprise - ~31st Oct

Customer Contact
- UK Contact Centre Forum UKCCF National Awards - 22nd Sep
- GSA Professional Awards - ~7th Oct
- Customer Centricity World Series - Multiple dates
- The ICS UK Customer Satisfaction Awards - 14th Oct
- Insurance CX Awards - 27th Oct

Design & Innovation
- The Drum Awards for Design - 6th Sep
- iLuxury Awards - 13th Sep
- Mixology Awards North - 15th Sep
- NY Product Design Awards - 20th Sep
- Simply Open Awards - 22nd Sep
- MUSE Design Awards - 28th Sep
- LIT Lighting Design Awards - 30th Sep
- Linnean Medals and Awards - 30th Sep
- LG Life's Good Award - ~10th Oct
- Lexus Design Awards - ~16th Oct

- Personal Finance Teacher of the Year - 11th Sep
- Music & Drama Education Awards - 11th Sep
- Brandon Hall Excellence in Education Technology - 18th Sep
- Association of Colleges AoC Beacon Awards - 25th Sep
- Bett Awards - 29th Sep
- British Education Awards - 29th Sep
- Global EdTech Startups Awards (GESAwards) - 30th Sep
- The Alexander Award - ~7th Oct
- The National Acquisitions Group NAG Award for Excellence - ~10th Oct
- The EdTech Awards - 12th Oct
- The Renaissance Awards - 13th Oct
- Study UK Alumni Awards - 22nd Oct
- FT Responsible Business Education Awards - ~28th Oct
- International Education Awards - ~31st Oct

Energy & Utilities
- EMA Energy Management Awards - 6th Sep
- Utility Week Awards - 7th Sep
- Energy UK Young Energy Professionals Awards - 7th Sep
- Energy Industries Council EIC National Awards - N/A
- Electrical Contracting News ECN Awards - 15th Sep
- APEA Awards - 22nd Sep
- The Energy Live Consultancy Awards (TELCA) - 22nd Sep
- Hydrogen Awards - 30th Sep
- Resourcing Tomorrow Outstanding Achievement Awards - 30th Sep
- Street Works UK Awards - ~14th Oct
- Schneider Electric Sustainability Impact Awards - ~14th Oct
- Subsea Expo Awards - ~15th Oct
- UK Nuclear Skills Awards - ~31st Oct

Financial Services
- Personal Injury Awards - 8th Sep
- NACFB Commercial Lender Awards - 8th Sep
- Motor Finance Europe Awards - 8th Sep
- The IPE European Pension Fund Awards - 8th Sep
- IBSi Global FinTech Innovation Awards - 8th Sep
- CPA Practice Advisor 40 Under 40 and 20 Under 40 Awards - 8th Sep
- The Digital Banker Global Transaction Banking Innovation Awards - 8th Sep
- IBSi NeoChallenger Bank Awards - 8th Sep
- FN Twenty Most Influential in Trading and Technology - 11th Sep
- The BVCA Responsible Investment Awards & Excellence in ESG - 12th Sep
- Qorus-Accenture Banking Innovation Awards - 13th Sep
- International Adviser - Best Practice Adviser Awards - 15th Sep
- The Working Capital and Supply Chain Finance Awards - 15th Sep
- Citywealth Magic Circle Awards - 15th Sep
- Leasing Life European Awards - 22nd Sep
- Private Equity Exchange & Awards - N/A
- CICM British Credit Awards - 22nd Sep
- IJInvestor Awards - 22nd Sep
- Insurance Post European Insurance Technology Awards - 22nd Sep
- FN Rising Stars of Professional Services - 26th Sep
- The ESG Awards - 29th Sep
- Benzinga Fintech Awards - 29th Sep
- Professional Adviser Best Financial Advisers to Work For - Multiple dates
- The AltFi Awards - 29th Sep
- Islamic Finance News Service Providers Awards - 29th Sep
- EuropaProperty CEE Investment & Manufacturing Awards - 30th Sep
- RiskTech100 - N/A
- Fintech City Fintech 50 - Ranking
- The WealthBriefing Swiss Awards - 6th Oct
- The Card and Payments Awards - 6th Oct
- Environmental Finance IMPACT Awards - ~7th Oct
- eprivateclient Top Trust Companies - Ranking
- Private Equity Workplace Pioneers - ~9th Oct
- TradingTech Insight Awards Europe - ~10th Oct Awards - ~10th Oct
- The Trade Leaders in Trading - N/A
- Professional Pensions Investment Awards - N/A
- TMT M&A Awards - 12th Oct
- Celent Model Risk Manager Awards - 13th Oct
- Celent Model Buy Side Awards - 13th Oct
- Celent Model Sell Side Awards - 13th Oct
- The FTSE Women Leaders Review - Ranking
- Celent Model Bank Awards - 13th Oct
- Celent Model Insurer Awards - 13th Oct
- Celent Model Wealth Manager Awards - 13th Oct
- Corporate FX Awards (Global Finance) - 14th Oct
- Financial Narrative Awards - ~14th Oct
- The eprivateclient Excellence Awards - ~14th Oct
- Insurance Choice Awards - 16th Oct
- Investment Week Investment Company of the Year - N/A
- ETF Stream Awards - 20th Oct
- FX Week Best Banks Awards - ~21st Oct
- Euromoney Trade Finance Survey - ~21st Oct
- International Adviser - Global Financial Services Awards - ~23rd Oct
- Insurance CX Awards - 27th Oct
- Private Equity News 50 Most Influential Executives in Private Equity - 27th Oct
- Professional Trader Awards - 27th Oct
- The ESG Investing Awards - ~28th Oct
- Equity Release Awards - ~28th Oct
- Best Trade Finance & Supply Chain Finance Awards (Global Finance) - ~28th Oct
- CCR Credit Excellence Awards - ~28th Oct
- FLA ESG Awards - ~29th Oct
- Mortgage Finance Gazette Awards - ~29th Oct
- Structured Retail Products SRP Europe Awards - ~30th Oct
- Unbiased Trusted Professional Awards - ~30th Oct
- Crypto AM Awards - ~30th Oct
- City A M Awards - ~30th Oct
- FX Markets Best Banks Awards - ~31st Oct
- The TMI Awards for Innovation & Excellence - 31st Oct
- Business Finance Awards - 31st Oct
- Treasury4Good Awards - 31st Oct

Health & Social Care
- Private Dentistry Awards - 6th Sep
- Black Women in Care Award - 11th Sep
- Primary Care Impact Awards - 14th Sep
- The Dentistry Awards - 15th Sep
- Caring UK Awards - 18th Sep
- HCSA Awards - 22nd Sep
- Dental Industry Awards - 22nd Sep
- HFMA National Healthcare Finance Awards - 22nd Sep
- Tomorrow's Cleaning Awards - 28th Sep
- HSJ Partnership Awards - 29th Sep
- British Society for Rheumatology Best Practice Awards - 29th Sep
- UKABIF Awards - 29th Sep
- Aesthetics Awards - 30th Sep
- NLP Awards - 30th Sep
- European Lifestars Awards - 30th Sep
- ActivHeal® Nursing Awards - 6th Oct
- TITAN Health Awards - 13th Oct
- Health Business Awards - ~14th Oct
- AIHHP Golden Lobe Awards - N/A
- The Future Health Innovation Awards - ~15th Oct
- Global Wellness Awards - N/A
- The 3rd Sector Care Awards - 27th Oct

Hospitality Sport & Leisure
- NYX Game Awards - 13th Sep
- Worldwide Hospitality Awards - 15th Sep
- The BII National Innovation in Training Awards (NITAs) - 15th Sep
- The World's 50 Best Bars - Ranking
- UK Festival Awards - 18th Sep
- The Blue Badge Access Awards - 18th Sep
- The Wedding Industry Awards - 25th Sep
- #BeInclusive EU Sport Awards - 28th Sep
- MUSE Hotel Awards - 28th Sep
- The Staff Canteen Awards - Multiple dates
- BASIS Sustainable Sports Awards - 29th Sep
- The Gaming Intelligence Awards - N/A
- The Great Outdoors Awards - ~17th Oct
- The International Gaming Awards - 18th Oct
- The GameHERS Awards - ~22nd Oct
- UK Restaurant Manager of the Year - ~25th Oct
- British Pool and Hot Tub Awards - 27th Oct
- iGB Affiliate Awards - ~31st Oct
- International Hotel Awards - UK - 31st Oct
- International Hotel Awards - Europe - 31st Oct

HR & Training
- Training APEX Awards - 5th Sep
- British Recruitment Awards - 8th Sep
- The Investors in People Awards - 8th Sep
- UK Coaching Awards - 11th Sep
- Culture Pioneers Awards - 15th Sep
- The Paseda360 National Coaching Awards - 15th Sep
- National Online Recruitment Awards (NORAs) - 18th Sep
- Brandon Hall Excellence in Technology Program - 18th Sep
- Fortune World's Best Workplaces - Ranking Top Assessment and Evaluation Companies - 20th Sep
- Sword of Honour - 22nd Sep
- The ERSA Employability Awards - 22nd Sep
- Globe of Honour - 22nd Sep
- Federation of Awarding Bodies FAB Awards - 29th Sep
- Recruiter Investing in Talent Awards - 29th Sep
- RAD Awards (Recruitment Advertising) - 29th Sep
- Trans in the City Awards - 30th Sep
- Recruitment Industry Disability Initiative RIDI Awards - 30th Sep
- Coaching Culture Awards - ~5th Oct
- Internal Communications Brilliance Awards - 6th Oct
- HR Brilliance Awards - 6th Oct
- WorkL Happiest Companies Awards - 7th Oct
- Universum’s Most Attractive Employers - Ranking
- WorkLife Awards - 20th Oct
- WM People Top Employer Awards - 27th Oct
- The Engagement Excellence Awards - ~30th Oct
- Learning Excellence Awards - 31st Oct
- Britain's Healthiest Workplace - 31st Oct

IT & Telecommunications
- The Cyber OSPAs - 5th Sep
- JAX Innovation Awards - N/A
- The DevOps Awards - 8th Sep
- Security Serious Unsung Heroes Awards - 8th Sep
- FT Tech Champions - 8th Sep
- Identity Excellence Awards - 8th Sep
- Glotel Awards - 10th Sep
- Sustainability Tech Awards - 15th Sep
- Brandon Hall Excellence in Technology Program - 18th Sep
- The DCD Data Center Industry Global Awards - 18th Sep
- OpenUK Awards - 19th Sep
- VEGA Digital Awards - 20th Sep
- The EU Public Services Open Source Achievement Awards (OSOR Awards) - 21st Sep
- Fintech - Tech Ascension Awards - 22nd Sep
- UC Partner Awards - 22nd Sep
- The CSO 30 UK Awards - 25th Sep
- The European Software Testing Awards TESTAs - Multiple dates
- Twenty in Data and Technology Awards - 29th Sep
- App Growth Awards - 29th Sep
- The MobileWebAwards - 29th Sep
- Beijing ITEC Global Entrepreneurship Competition - EU&UK - 30th Sep
- Inavation Awards - Multiple dates
- Digital Engineering Awards - 5th Oct
- SugarCRM Customer Breakthrough Awards - ~5th Oct
- IoT Breakthrough Awards - 6th Oct
- Digital Top 50 Awards - ~10th Oct
- The Microsoft Advertising Partner Awards - ~10th Oct
- Global OPEX and Business Transformation Awards - 13th Oct
- The Good Web Guide Awards - ~15th Oct
- TechWorks Awards - ~16th Oct
- European Cybersecurity STARtup Award - ~18th Oct
- The NFT Awards - ~19th Oct
- DevOps - Tech Ascension Awards - 20th Oct
- The Cloud Awards - 20th Oct
- Women in IT Awards UK - ~23rd Oct
- FICO Decisions Awards - ~28th Oct
- Oracle Change Agents Awards - ~29th Oct
- The Proddy Awards - ~30th Oct
- The IDC Europe and Central Asia Industry Insights Awards - ~30th Oct
- IoT Evolution IoT Platforms Leadership Award - 30th Oct
- Datanami Readers' Choice Awards - ~30th Oct
- Digital Revolution Awards - 31st Oct
- The Cyber Security Awards - 31st Oct

Journalism Publishing & Media
- Foreign Press Association FPA Media Awards - 6th Sep
- Kidscreen Awards - 8th Sep
- Royal Television Society Craft and Design Awards - 8th Sep
- PPA Independent Publisher Awards - 8th Sep
- The Editor & Publisher EPPY Awards - 16th Sep
- Audio Production Awards - 20th Sep
- The Broadcast Awards - 22nd Sep
- International Women's Podcast Awards - 22nd Sep
- The British Journalism Awards - 29th Sep
- Broadcast Journalism Training Council BJTC Awards - 5th Oct
- The Audio Verse Awards - Multiple dates
- The Guild of Motoring Writers Awards - ~30th Oct

Legal Services
- Inspirational Women in Law Awards - 5th Sep
- Personal Injury Awards - 8th Sep
- Chambers UK Bar Awards - N/A
- The Women and Diversity in Law Awards - ~23rd Oct

Marketing PR Events & Advertising
- The Drum Awards for Media - 6th Sep
- The Drum Awards for Search - 6th Sep
- The Drum Awards for Out of Home - 6th Sep
- Young Arrows Awards - 6th Sep
- The Drum Awards for B2B - 6th Sep
- The Drum Awards for Content - 6th Sep
- The Drum Awards for Social Purpose - 6th Sep
- European Enterprise Promotion Awards - Multiple dates
- The Drum Awards for PR - 6th Sep
- The Drum Awards for Creativity - 6th Sep
- The Drum Awards for Digital Advertising - 6th Sep
- The Drum Awards for Agency Business - 6th Sep
- The Drum Awards for Digital Industries (DADI Awards) - 6th Sep
- The Drum Awards for the Metaverse - 6th Sep
- The Drum Awards for Social Media - 6th Sep
- The Drum Awards for Experience - 6th Sep
- The Shorty Impact Awards - 7th Sep
- Diversity in Advertising Award - 7th Sep
- The Immortal Awards - 7th Sep
- HSMAI Adrian Awards - 8th Sep
- Digiday en Español Awards - 8th Sep
- National Outdoor Events Association NOEA Awards - 10th Sep
- Building Public Trust Awards - N/A
- NYX Marcom Awards - 13th Sep
- NYX Video Awards - 13th Sep
- MarCom Awards - 14th Sep
- PR & Marketing Excellence Awards - 15th Sep
- The Simplys (Digital Internal Communications Awards) - 15th Sep
- The International Content Marketing Awards - 15th Sep
- LIT Commercial Awards - 15th Sep
- The Lovie Awards - 15th Sep
- LIT Talent Awards - 20th Sep
- VEGA Digital Awards - 20th Sep
- The Eurobest Awards - 21st Sep
- The Data & Marketing Association DMA Awards - 22nd Sep
- Effie Awards Europe - 22nd Sep
- The SMARTIES UK (Mobile Marketing Association MMA) - 22nd Sep
- The SMARTIES EMEA (Mobile Marketing Association MMA) - 22nd Sep
- European Excellence Awards (PR) - 28th Sep
- Women in Marketing Awards - 28th Sep
- Campaign Brand Leadership & Partnership Awards - 28th Sep
- MUSE Creative Awards - 28th Sep
- Lens Awards - 29th Sep
- UK Search Awards - 29th Sep
- Ragan's Employee Communications Awards - 29th Sep
- Chief Marketer PRO Awards - 29th Sep
- Ragan's Top Places to Work in Communications - 29th Sep
- The Digital Signage Awards - 30th Sep
- Marketing Week Top 100 - Ranking
- Corporate Content Awards Europe - 6th Oct
- Internal Communications Brilliance Awards - 6th Oct
- Marketing and PR Brilliance Awards - 6th Oct
- The Epica Awards - 6th Oct
- Cynopsis Digital Model D Awards - ~9th Oct
- Bea World Best Event Awards - 10th Oct
- The Experience Design & Technology Awards - 13th Oct
- The LIVE Awards - 13th Oct
- Transform Awards Europe - 13th Oct
- The Content Council Pearl Awards - ~16th Oct
- Internet Marketing Association IMA Impact Awards - ~16th Oct
- ANA International Echo Awards - ~17th Oct
- Campaign Big Global Awards - 19th Oct
- Exhibition News EN Marketing Awards - 20th Oct
- European Sponsorship Association (ESA) Excellence Awards - 20th Oct
- PR Daily's Top Agencies Awards - ~23rd Oct
- The Audio Advertising Awards - 26th Oct
- PerformanceIN 50 - ~28th Oct
- PR News Social Impact Awards - ~28th Oct
- Clio Awards - ~28th Oct
- The Drum Future 50 - ~29th Oct
- The UnAwards - 30th Oct
- Global Digital PR Awards - ~30th Oct
- The Newsworks Awards - ~30th Oct

Planning & Property
- EA Masters Innovation Awards - 20th Sep
- UK Proptech Awards - ~5th Oct
- The Outstanding Property Award London - 10th Oct
- IAM Asset Management Excellence Awards - ~11th Oct
- Flexible Space Association Awards - ~28th Oct

Products & Manufacturing
- EU Product Safety Award - 8th Sep
- Glass Focus Awards - 21st Sep
- WorldStar Global Packaging Awards - 15th Oct
- The Packaging Innovation Awards brought to you by Dow - ~30th Oct

Public Sector
- EU Access City Award - 18th Sep
- Excellence in Fire and Emergency Awards - 22nd Sep
- Councillor Awards (Cllr Awards) - 22nd Sep
- The KE Awards - 24th Sep
- National No2H8 Crime Awards - ~9th Oct
- The Royal Meteorological Society - 20th Oct

Retail & Consumer Goods
- The Walpole British Luxury Awards - N/A
- World Cheese Awards - 8th Sep
- Food & Drink Exporters Association FDEA Export Awards - 15th Sep
- The Takeaway Innovation Awards - N/A
- Free From Christmas Awards - 15th Sep
- National Fish and Chip Awards - 17th Sep
- The Academy of Chocolate Awards - 22nd Sep
- Travel Retail Superstars Awards - 22nd Sep
- Food Manufacture Excellence Awards - 25th Sep
- Retail Week Awards - 26th Sep
- Society of Food Hygiene & Technology SOFHT Awards - 29th Sep
- Farm Shop & Deli Awards - 29th Sep
- National Pizza Awards - 29th Sep
- Good Food Awards - 30th Sep
- The Asian Curry Awards - 30th Sep
- The Beauty Shortlist & Wellbeing Awards - 5th Oct
- The Drinks Business Green Awards - 6th Oct
- World Plant-Based Taste Awards - 6th Oct
- Digiday Modern Retail Awards - 6th Oct
- Tiptree World Bread Awards Heroes - ~9th Oct
- European Street Food Awards - Multiple dates
- The FED Awards - ~14th Oct
- Free From Gift Awards - ~14th Oct
- World Beverage Innovation Awards - 15th Oct
- The Online Scotch Whisky Awards - ~16th Oct
- Just Eat Restaurant Awards - ~16th Oct
- ISPO Awards - ~18th Oct
- People's Choice Drinks Awards - 20th Oct
- Sainsbury's Magazine Food & Drink Awards - ~26th Oct
- Retail Technology Innovation Hub - RTIH Innovation Awards - 27th Oct
- Service Dealer Awards - ~28th Oct
- Made For Mums Awards - ~28th Oct
- British Sewing Awards - ~29th Oct
- Best of Craft Awards - ~30th Oct
- Fry Awards - 31st Oct

Supply Chain
- The Working Capital and Supply Chain Finance Awards - 15th Sep
- Supply & Demand Chain Executive - Top Software & Technology Solutions - 22nd Sep
- Gartner Power of the Profession Awards - ~31st Oct

Third Sector
- The King's Award For Voluntary Service - 15th Sep
- Charity Virtual Event Awards - 30th Sep
- Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity - ~31st Oct

Transport & Logistics
- Parkers New Car Awards - N/A
- Motor Trader Industry Awards - 15th Sep
- Commercial Motor Awards - 15th Sep
- The TIACA Air Cargo Sustainability Awards - 15th Sep
- The DAME Design Awards (Marine Industry) - 16th Sep
- Vehicle Recycling Excellence Awards - 20th Sep
- Greenfleet Awards - 29th Sep
- What Van? Awards - 29th Sep
- SPOTLIGHT Rail Awards - 29th Sep
- The Institute of Couriers (IoC) National Courier Awards - 30th Sep
- FN50 Fleet News - N/A
- Rail Business Awards - 6th Oct
- Community Rail Awards - 9th Oct
- The Rail Staff Awards - 11th Oct
- Aviation Week Network's Laureate Awards - 23rd Oct
- The Sunday Times Motor Awards - ~30th Oct

Travel & Tourism
- The Silver Travel Awards - 10th Sep
- Creative Tourism Awards - 11th Sep
- MUSE Hotel Awards - 28th Sep
- Globe Travel Awards - ~5th Oct
- Business Traveller Awards - N/A
- World Ski Awards - 13th Oct
- Gay Travel Awards - ~26th Oct

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