Caveman BBQ Ltd

54 High Street, Dorking, RH4 1AY

Tel: 01372 454999

Caveman BBQ Ltd is a smokehouse and BBQ shop that brings the British flavour of low and slow cooked meats to Dorking and Surrey Hills. They offer something a little different to the norm, they’re don’t use salt or sugar in their food, and they have a 100% local scorching policy. The team is packed with passion for what they do, and you can taste in in the food.

This independent shop is proud to be part of Dorking’s culinary scene, and in their own words:

“I like the fact there are not too many big high street brands in the town… but also the fact that the retailers are trying to retain a more independent feel. [We love] it’s independence, history, and diversity and culture.”

Photos of Caveman BBQ Ltd

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