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20 June 2019

Celebrate Independence Month by shopping local in Dorking

Dorking was recently noted by the Telegraph as one of Britain’s top five highstreets, due to a combination of independent shops, house price growth and average house price. The highstreet is also being featured in the July issue of Surrey Life magazine. Be sure to pick your copy up in July when it goes to print. Check out our preview of the print version.

Highstreets face tremendous pressure from market forces, an increase of online shopping, high business rates and rent, and parking restrictions.

We understand that shoppers today are spoilt for choice. If you have an internet connection: shopping mecca. Whether you live in London or Guildford, Bristol or Kent, you need not leave the comfort of your living room when you have an Amazon fulfilment centre just a click away.

We believe – and we know – that small, independent businesses are the bedrock of our town. This is what makes Dorking so unique and different from other market towns – and from other cities. Our independence gives us freedom.

With that freedom we have the space to be creative, to be innovative, and to take chances. Our independence enables us to offer our visitors and locals a unique, special experience.

So why should you shop local? Here are our top 5 reasons why you should shop local in Dorking:

Independent shop owners will invest and then put that money back into your local community. They will frequent local pubs and restaurants, grocery shops and hair salons, cafes and professional services. They will circulate your money back into the local economy, enabling our community to thrive.

Independent businesses are the largest employer of jobs nationally and provide the most local jobs to communities. Local employers are also more likely to pay a higher wage and encourage employee loyalty. Increasing the number of jobs in our community enhances Dorking as a place to live and work and creates a healthier economy for everyone.

Go digital. Nearly half of your audience is there.  45% of the world is now using social media and on average, a person has 7 or 8 social media accounts – each. They spend 142 minutes on social per day using their social media accounts. Use digital to feature your products to drive traffic to your physical store. Post a photo of best selling products on your instagram account and if you don’t have an e-commerce site, then encourage foot traffic to your shop.

Small businesses are run by real people. Their authenticity shines. In Dorking we have an independence and uniqueness that is reflected in our shops, cafes, restaurants and public spaces. Our independents invest in our local area and source locally. Independent businesses tend to keep with aesthetic of the area, adding character to the community and the community invests in its businesses.  It is a symbiotic relationship that drives our local economy.

Local Markets and Shopping Local go hand-in-hand. Did you know that Markets can generate footfall increases of 25% for town centres? They increase retail sales, with significant numbers of market visitors spending money in other shops.

Learn about our Dorking Artisan Market on Sunday, 7th July from 11am to 4pm.


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