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New Eco-Friendly Shop in Dorking

25 February 2021

The newly opened eco-friendly shop in Dorking, called Eco Be, recently opened its doors to welcome in the community of Dorking. Eco Be is a zero-waste, sustainable natural self serve food retail business in Dorking, Surrey that delivers high quality natural food products in a sustainable way.

Eco-conscious consumerism is on the rise globally, so we caught up with Tony Bateman, owner of Eco Be, to ask some questions about the aims and intentions of Eco Be and its place in St Martin’s Walk, Dorking.

1. What made you start an eco-friendly shop in Dorking?

Here at Eco Be we would like to help reduce waste and single use plastic by offering the community more eco-friendly, sustainable products for everyday use. We believe that sustainability is the way forward to help support our planet for future generations.

2. What can a customer expect from a visit?

We offer a calm, natural, friendly environment for our customers to shop in. We currently have covid safe measures in place with staff and customers wearing face masks (unless exempt), a maximum of 5 people allowed in store, hand sanitiser at the door and 2 metre markings.

3. Is there anything that a customer should know before visiting?

We recommend that you check your cupboards before coming in and make a list! Bring some containers, which can be tupperware, jars or tins and fill up with as much or as little as you like.

4. What has been the reception from the Dorking community?

We’ve had a lovely response from the community from social media posts to people visiting us in-store. The support has been really lovely and we can’t wait to meet more of the community and beyond soon.

5. Any secret insider tips?

Preparation is key, so make a list, grab your containers and come and see us.

6. What recommendations to you recommend to someone who is new to a more sustainable lifestyle – what are your top 3 tips for starting

a. Start small, small steps make big changes!
b. Think about what it is that you wish to change and how feasible is it.
c. Get a friend involved, challenge each other on separate plastic free alternatives i.e. one could do food and the other could do household items (washing up liquid for example)

7. What products do you stock?

We stock a variety of foods including nuts, seeds, pasta, beans, pulses, flour, dried fruits, rice, oats, eggs, bread, spices, coffee and tea. We also have home and personal care items in-store from refills for laundry detergent, washing up liquid, multi-purpose cleaner to soap and shampoo bars, beechwood toothbrushes, compostable cloths and much more. Our website is launching soon, and will include our full product list.

8. Does a customer need to bring their containers?

We recommend you do bring your own containers but we have containers which you can purchase or we have biodegradable paper bags in store too.

9. What is your hope for Eco Be’s future?

As mentioned, we are launching our website soon and the plan is that we would like to offer a click & collect, drop & collect and delivery service in the near future. We would also love to become an integral part of the community in Dorking and the surrounding areas and continue to support the community in a move towards a more sustainable way of life.

The eco-friendly shop, Eco Be, can be found in St Martin’s Walk in Dorking. They are open from 9am to 5:30pm Monday to Saturday. Be sure to give them a visit and bring your containers for a fun and friendly shopping experience in Dorking.

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