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Monthly Footfall Summary - April 2020

The following analysis contains data for footfall devices at S.C. Fuller (reopened 15th June) and Renee’s Health Food Store which remained open throughout lockdown).

  • Throughout April, with restrictions remaining in place, footfall remained at a similar levels seen at the commencement of lockdown.
  • As lockdown fatigue began to set in, footfall increased slightly towards the end of April, similar to the trend seen across the nation.

Key Retail Metrics – Essential retail

  • With April the first full month to involve lockdown measures, it is useful to look at the proportion of essential retailers vs. non-essential retailers in Dorking to gain an understanding of the number of businesses that were able to remain open throughout the pandemic.
  • With 20.9% of businesses in Dorking town centre classed as essential retailers, there is a higher proportion of retailers who were stay open compared to the average town centre in the South East region (19%), and the average town centre in Great Britain (18.5%).
  • This highlights that Dorking will be no less prepared to cope with the struggles of the pandemic with the percentage of retailers permitted to be open similar to the regional and national figures.

Overall footfall volume

  • Figure 2 shows the weekly footfall throughout the month of April for active footfall devices.
  • The overall volume of footfall at Renee’s Health Food Store increased throughout April as the store remained open throughout lockdown.
  • At the S.C. Fuller, footfall was less consistent throughout the month.

Week-on-week change in footfall

  • April was the first full month with restrictions in place with lockdown beginning at the end of March.
  • With lockdown restrictions in full effect, April was arguably the hardest with regards to retail, footfall and the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • After the initial announcement of lockdown in week 13, footfall dropped further in week 14 with a 21.9% fall across both devices, then fell again in week 15 but this time at a slower week-on-week decline of only 9.2%.
  • After week 16 footfall then began recovering with increases in each week across the April as lockdown fatigue starts to set in.

Weekly footfall compared to previous month

  • We can see by comparing the weekly footfall to 5 weeks prior how much of an impact lockdown has had on footfall in Dorking.
  • S.C. Fuller witnessed as much as a 79.3% decline in footfall compared to the 5 weeks previously, with the device at Renee’s Health Food Store experiencing only a low of 65.3% decline compared to March, with the difference likely due to S.C. Fuller being closed and Renee’s Health Food Store remaining open throughout lockdown.
  • Looking at the total of both devices, the footfall declines by around 70% when comparing to the weekly footfall to 5 weeks prior when lockdown had not begun.

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