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Mayflower Spirits

16 September 2020

Today marks 400 years since the sailing of the Mayflower to North America, or the New World as it was referred to during the time. Due to the on-going situation with COVID-19, many of the festivities commemorating this historical moment have been put on hold until safe to do so in future. However, one local gin distillery has crafted a limited-edition gin to commemorate the sailing of the Mayflower. The Gin Kitchen, located on Punchbowl Lane, has produced a Mayflower inspired gin to memorialise the perilous voyage undertaken to freedom in the new world. Meeting Jacqui from The Gin Kitchen, we sat down to discuss: the new gin, its tasting notes, its relation to the Mayflower story, and the inspiration behind “Saints and Strangers”.

Those acquainted with the Gin Kitchen will instantly recognise their fresh and modern product range, with their established, now-classics such as Gutsy MonkeyDancing Dragontail, and Blushing Monkey. Unique and quirky, these gins embody modernity with botanicals such as cardamom, pink grapefruit, and allspice.

Saints and Strangers is named after the mix of travellers found on the Mayflower. Along with the Mullins family from Dorking, there were those venturing to America in search of religious freedom (Saints) together with those of less salubrious backgrounds, some under alias (Strangers). This unusual amalgamation is also represented in Saints and Strangers; a traditional style gin with unexpected botanicals.

Drawing inspiration from the Mayflower’s Apothecary’s Cabinet detailed in the manifest, the distillers at the Gin Kitchen have produced a gin inspired from those medicinal ingredients. Lemon zest, used to prevent scurvy, and – would you believe – captain’s biscuits, used again to prevent scurvy should the lemon larder run out mid-voyage, are added into the distilling process leaving a complex, traditional gin.

This limited-edition gin is only available to purchase at Wine Unlimited at The Vineyard on South Street. John, the exclusive stockist of Saints and Strangers, explains that they have been stocking The Gin Kitchen’s products for over three years. John adds that, despite the times we live in, now more than ever it is so vital that local independents work with each other to help support one another. Saints and Strangers is available to purchase from Wine Unlimited at The Vineyard either by telephone, mail order, or by popping into his shop on South Street. At £45, this fabulous gin will sell fast. John explains that there is already a demand and bottles of Saints and Stranger have already been put into reserve. History never tasted so delicious!

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