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Old Kings Head Court, 11 High Street, RH4 1AR

01306 741120

John Arthur is a renowned artist in Dorking.

His family have lived in Dorking for generations but he spent six years travelling and working in Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Asia.  He found his distinctive painting style during those years, and on his return to England developed it further, citing Turner as one of major influences.

In 1995 he established The John Arthur Gallery in the Old Kings Head Court with his business partner Sung-hee LEE  just off the Dorking High Street where he exhibits his own work alongside pieces by other selected artists.

One comment on “John Arthur Gallery”

  1. Hi John,
    Just came across another of your early painting. I have proudly displayed on my wall.
    Hope you are fit and well and all is good in your life.
    Kevin Anglin.

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