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Happy 3rd Birthday Westdaw!

9 December 2019

Ian Lockett comes from a family of independent business owners and after a long career in retail working for the big boys, Harrods, House of Fraser and Marks & Spencer’s, Ian bit the bullet and opened up his own clothes shop on West Street, Dorking.

Hello Dorking helps Ian celebrate their 3rd birthday as we find out more about the man behind Westdaw. 

Westdaw shop’s presence on West Street is great!  It is nice to see a man’s  fashion boutique on the High Street.  A go to fashion hub supplying everything a man needs from work to pleasure.  With Ian’s core customers  between the ages of 40 – 60, Ian chooses his merchandise carefully. Selecting key looks and a full range of clothes, shoes and boots as well as accessories. 

“I choose my brand partners with more than just an eye for great product.  I also select them to ensure they have the same ethos and integrity that I have in my business and are supportive of what we’re doing. 

The lines we stock are carefully curated.  We want the best quality ranges and fits for our customer’s needs, not to mention a great looking shop too!’’

Opening his shop just before Christmas in 2016 was a brave move.  Ian tells us how shop fitters were leaving the back door, as customers were coming in the front door.  

After years in the retail industry, Ian is over the moon to have stepped away from large department stores where he was managing teams of people and departments, to being more hands on with the customer.  To Ian, being in front of the customer is everything. Providing top merchandise and customer service is his passion.  

“Making my customer’s feel great is what drives me.  Providing intimate and personal customer service is key.  My customer’s aren’t keen on shopping. They’re too busy and traipsing around large towns or shopping centres is not appealing to them.”

Ian has always been inspired by fashion.  It is a product he has always understood and loves sharing his knowledge with his customers, building a loyal following in Dorking and the surrounding areas.  

His mailing list is great too!  Offering shop news, offers and style tips for those fashion conscious guys who want to keep on trend and point!

Currently with one shop on the High Street, Ian has plans to open a small chain of shops over the coming years as well as having an online store too. The Future is bright for Ian and we wish him great success.

Don’t miss Westdaw end of Season Sale starts on 28th December.

Congratulations and Happy Birthday Westdaw!

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