Gillian Harris

Apart from running our shop on West Street I have also successfully traded online for over 10 years and have been heavily involved in online marketing, SEO, and using social media to gain competitive advantage. My business regularly draws customers into Dorking from much further afield for sales, courses and workshops. I have written 4 books and have also designed various ranges that we sell wholesale to other businesses both in the UK and for export abroad.

My original background is in digital design and visual corporate branding for Events and Outside Broadcasts. I have had a lot of experience in marketing and social media and in particular I am very experienced with selling and marketing online.

I like to think I am forward thinking. I can definitely see the bigger picture and feel I have creative flair and can see a vision for rebranding Dorking and moving it – as a brand- into the future.  I also have a specific idea for a brand new market and for drawing in business and interest from further afield.

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