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Food Float has been providing local food to local people and visitors to the area since 2010. They aim to support the local economy by providing local businesses with a reliable outlet for their produce at a fair cost. Food Float itself is organised on a not-for-profit basis, as a community interest company. They are always keen to welcome new volunteers.

There are two weekly stalls: in St Martin's Walk on Fridays and on the High Street next to Boots on Saturdays. Trading hours are 8:30am to early afternoon. On Thursdays the team delivers to homes in Dorking and the surrounding villages.

More details about their seasonal vegetables and fruit, eggs, milk, cream, coffee, bread, cakes and pastries, cheese, muesli bars, granola, fudge, butter, honey and preserves, bacon, sausages, and fresh meat and poultry in their online shop or by contacting Maddie at

Check out the Food Float's EV Van

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