Dorking’s streets are going digital this Christmas

Tell us what you think!

We want to know what you think, how you are feeling, what is on your Christmas list, or perhaps how you plan on shopping for your Christmas gifts. So we’ve brought everyday objects to life all along the high street.

You can find five friendly talking objects all along Dorking high street, to have chats with locals and visitors alike. We encourage both locals and visitors to experience the high street in a totally new way, whilst reinvigorating the economy and keeping our Dorking community safe and well.

This is your chance to share your thoughts and opinions anonymously, to have a friendly chat, to help us to not only drive more people to our high street shops, and to share creative local ideas with key decision makers. Everyone wins.

This is how it works:

1. Pick an object
2. Say Hello
3. Keep talking

Talking statue

Where are Hello Dorking’s objects located?

  1. The Lamp Post next to The Old House Pub on West Street
  2. The Bench in the centre of St Martin’s Walk
  3. The Bench in front of the Post Office
  4. The Bench in front of the War Memorial across from Waitrose
  5. The Vaughan Williams Statue next to Dorking Halls
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