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DorKing Coronation: Join our Art Competition

20 February 2023

Let's Celebrate Dorking's Heritage, Culture and Spirit with Art

We are celebrating the DorKing Coronation in true Dorking style: by embracing our local artistic flair, independence and spirit. Will you join us and help decorate our high street with your original artwork? 

Calling all artists

Help us brighten up our town with your original artwork. In addition to other community-based events, we are holding an art competition to feature your creativity and spirit. Using original art, show us what you love about Dorking and what makes our town unique. We would love to decorate our town centre in bold, bright and beautiful banners to kick off the DorKing Coronation festivities and celebrate the best our town has to offer. 

Remember: The banners will remain long after the Coronation, so bear this in mind when creating your masterpiece. Your work could welcome visitors to our beautiful town and remind all of us what makes Dorking special.

Artists’ submissions will be selected by public vote and more than one winner may be selected.

We will reproduce the winning artworks onto various banners to be featured across Dorking town centre. The artworks will be shared digitally on social media, and featured in participating businesses and throughout the town on Coronation weekend (5-8 May). The theme of the installation will be:

'Celebrating Dorking’s Heritage, Culture and Spirit' 

We welcome all artists, at any skill level, from all areas of Dorking and the local area to submit their vision of what makes Dorking unique.

Banners will also be featured alongside bunting that will be installed on the Dorking high street by local businesses to kick off the coronation festivities. 

The banners will remain during the summer months for visitors and residents alike to enjoy and appreciate.

Art competition timeline

20th Feb: Submissions open 

20th March: Entries close

27th March: Begin public vote

April: Public installation 

June: The Month of Community 

See the specs for submitting your original art

  • Art must be your own original work.
  • The artist agrees to allow the artwork to be reproduced and shared by the Dorking Town Partnership online and in print.
  • The dimensions of the final printed artwork will be: 2000mm x 650mm
  • Share a high quality, hi-res photos (at least 300 dpi) of your original artwork with us.
  • Email your We Transfer or Dropbox to 'info at'.
  • Any questions, please contact Kathy, the BID Manager.

10 comments on “DorKing Coronation: Join our Art Competition”

  1. Hi, I am a Surrey based illustrator and have previously done a couple of markets in Dorking. I create location art prints of mainly Surrey/SW London.

    1. Hi Jezzie, great to meet you! We've sent you an email to see how we can help! If you'd like to join our art competition, please do - we are also revamping our Artisan Market offering, so stay tuned! Best regards, Dorking Town Partnership.

    1. Thank you so much, John. Confirming receipt and adding to our bank of submissions. Really appreciate your participation! Sending you our very best wishes, Dorking Town Partnership

  2. Dear Kathy,
    I'm keen to submit art work but don't understand the spec which says 'dimensions of the final printed art work will be 2000mm x 650mm. Does that mean one is designing purely for a banner across the High Street? Yet it also seems that other uses are envisaged which may need portrait rather than landscape shape. Please clarify asap! Thanks CB

    1. Thank you so much Colin! We would love for your to submit your artwork!

      We envisage more than one 'winner' for the competition (the public will vote!) and will include a series of images across the longer portrait banner. Feel free to submit landscape or portrait, but you're right, portrait will probably work best. We didn't want to hinder the creative process!

      We will also aim to feature artworks in a printed 'trail' in participating businesses to increase reach.

      Please let us know if you have any more questions. Thank you!

  3. Hi! I'm a Dorking photographer artist I would love to enter but I'm not entirely sure what is required? Have you an example? Do we need text can photography be used?

    1. Hi Jayne! We welcome all art, all forms. Go for it! The art will be displayed on the banners at the entrances of town, replacing the "Shop Local" banners that are currently displayed. The dimensions of the banners are 2000mm x 650mm and we will have one landscape banner across West Street. We will place the 'winning' artworks across the landscape banner. The idea is to capture how our local artists view the uniqueness of Dorking and share that with the world. Join us! I hope that helps and if you have any other questions, send them over to Examples of the banners can be found on our social media campaign on Hello Dorking.

  4. Hi,

    I should like to submit my artwork, but am unsure where to submit it. I have therefore sent a copy to Kathy@dorkingtownpartnership. I hope that is ok

    1. Hi Meg,

      Thanks so much - I have also emailed you at your email address, but you can email us at info at Thank you. The email you listed is incomplete.

      Best wishes,

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