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Dorking BID Weekly Update 8 September

8 September 2023

Every week, we share our weekly round up of what we accomplished at the Dorking BID. Thank you for your support of our local businesses and of our local community.

Digital Transformation

✅ LoyalFree trail implementation and campaign management

✅ Implementation of BID CRM system to manage back end system

✅ Extensive website updates: forms, minutes, blogs

✅ Continued evaluation of closed loop local currency (Dorking Gift Card)

✅ Building and executing Dorking BID website

Creative Campaigns

✅ Email campaigns: executing volunteering programme for street clean up

✅ Media engagement

✅ LoyalFree marketing coordination of all materials and collateral - Halloween Trail

✅ Summer Safari campaign finalisation

✅ Social media execution: blogs, promotion, channel management

✅ Mailchimp development: copy, promotion and social follow up on all channels

✅ Follow up on gift card programme

✅ Print for Christmas to engage biz (omnichannel)

✅ Print for Volunteer engagement (omnichannel)

✅ Spoke at comms event about Dorking Community building and Dorking BID


✅ Coordination for Safety Advisory Group

✅ LoyalFree Trail post coordination

✅ Extensive Christmas coordination with all parties - reservation of banner sites, pricing estimates, consultation work, project plan execution (tactical items: booking form development, WhatsApp, etc.), meeting with prospective partners, decor, trails, traffic management, etc

✅ Extensive Christmas coordination with community partners

✅ Consultation with partners

✅ Consultation with partners on parking for events

✅ Invoicing and coordination for events

✅ Volunteer coordination

✅Engage with Nursery for Christmas

✅Engage with performers for Christmas

✅Engage with Forest School for Christmas

Business Support

✅ BID Chairman Update, meeting and monthly report

✅ Landlord outreach plan in progress

✅ MVDC follow up on landlord strategy, volunteers, operating agreements and reporting, power for events

✅ Applied for grant via Gatwick opportunity

✅ Researching Gov.U.K. Grants

✅ BIDBase implementation

✅ BID Board meeting actions - reporting, agenda development, Christmas events, PIPPFEST, policing follow up, placemaking

✅ BID Board forward planning and liaising with the Council

✅ Secondhand smoke research and liaising

✅ Photography research and coordination

✅ Coordination with police

✅ Content / support with business offers

✅ LoyalFree support

✅ Board meeting and associated actions

✅ Liaising with BID Levy payers

✅ Liaising with Southern trains and Dorking Art Society

✅ Coordination for BID Board meetings with BID partners

✅ Engaging photographer for local biz collaboration

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