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3 October 2023

Dorking has a buzzing local art scene, and it has a well-earned reputation as a hub of artists, ideas, people and creators.

This independent spirit has helped build the Dorking we know and love, and there’s no better way to reveal the true depths of a place than meeting the creators themselves and the galleries that host them. Visit our Artist's itinerary and be inspired by the creativity that resides in our town.

Recently multi-award winning fine artist Tiffany Budd from Newdigate invited Kairen Kemp of BBC Surrey and Sussex to pop around and visit her studio.

Tune in to hear Kairen and Tiffany's art chat. Scroll to 09:25 to listen to them chat about Hello Dorking and Tiffany's success in town.

BBC Surrey (Left)
Raminder X (Instameet - Right)

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