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Hello! Welcome to Dorking!

We are the Business Improvement District (BID) for the Dorking Town Partnership. We are composed of a group of people and businesses that work in collaboration to improve the promotion, sales and profit of businesses within the defined Dorking BID area.


Our Mission

The BID, commonly known as the Dorking Town Partnership, is comprised of 320 businesses and a board run by local businesses, led by the elected BID Manager. Businesses within the BID are either fee (levy)-paying or not, dependent on their status. The BID was elected into place, and once this happened all Dorking businesses became part of the Town Partnership. All fees paid by members go towards Dorking initiatives to attract and improve business in our area. The BID is regulated by the Business Improvements Districts (England) Regulations 2004.


Our Team

Representing a diverse range of backgrounds and perspectives, our BID Board team keeps Dorking businesses moving forward. The Board is led by BID Chairman Andrew Fuller and is managed by BID Manager Kathy Kyle.


Meet the BID team




156 South Street
Dorking RH4 2HF

07377 096892


Dorking Town Partnership
156 South Street
Dorking, RH4 2HF

T: 07377 0966892

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