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Congratulations to our DorKing Coronation Art Competition Winners

14 April 2023

We are celebrating the DorKing Coronation in true Dorking style: by embracing our local artistic flair, independence and spirit.

From February 20 to March 9, we held an art competition to feature the creativity and spirit of Dorking artists. We received 29 submissions which can be found here. 1,747 votes were cast and the winners were selected by public vote. We hope that all of our artists are as proud as we are of them to be featured on our high streets and in our shop windows.

The winners will receive a trophy to commemorate the occasion, sponsored by The Boothole, located at 82 South St. Their work will be displayed on lamp post banners throughout the summer at the entrances of town and across the banner on West Street for the Coronation period. We will also distribute A3 posters displaying our winners' work in Dorking businesses. All artists are invited to join us at the DorKing Coronation Awards Ceremony that will take place at South Street Gardens on Monday, 8th May at 2pm.

From Faith:

'Hi, I’m Faith Conway-Dickens, and I love a lot of things, I like my cat of course his name is Socks. I love drawing and painting, ice skating and hanging out with my friends. I love playing ROBLOX with all my friends. I like the movie ‘Stranger things’ and squish-mallows. And my cat Socks is very funny, he is black and white I love him very much. He is the best. My dad, has bought me very good pens/pencils which will help me with my skill with drawing/painting!'

From Tiffany:

'I am thrilled to have come second with such a high standard of entries. I can't wait to see the winning artworks all over Dorking to celebrate the Kings Coronation. It will definitely brighten up our wonderful town!'

From Sarajane:

 "I'm absolutely over the moon that Twinkleton Artwork has been picked and especially honoured to be displayed in West Street. Thank you, it has been a great opportunity to celebrate some of the wonderful creative talent here in Dorking, congratulations and well done to everyone involved."

Thank you to all of the artists who submitted their work. You're an inspiration to us all.

We are pleased to share our first, second and third place winners:

Faith Conway-Dickens Artwork
Faith Conway-Dickens, First place - DorKing Coronation Art Competition 2023
Tiffany Budd, Second Place - DorKing Coronation Art Competition 2023
The Star Beneath The Moon by Sarajane⭐ Twinkleton Art, Third place - DorKing Coronation Art Competition 2023

Highly Commended

Lucy Rose, Highly Commended - DorKing Coronation Art Competition 2023
Kelly, Sienna and Riley Morgan, Highly Commended - DorKing Coronation Art Competition 2023

What's Next?

The artwork is currently being printed to be displayed on various lamp post and a West Street banner for the Coronation. We will also distribute A3 posters displaying the artwork to Dorking businesses. Lamp post banners will remain throughout the summer and this art welcome all to Dorking. Many of these local artists' work can also be found around town in shops and venues like South Street Gallery and Dorking Halls.

Here are a few more comments shared with us during the voting process:

About Faith Conway-Dickens:

My 1st one is Faith Conway Dickens - 23

Beautiful Dickensian style

Love the use of shape and colour.

What talent!


Beautiful artwork

Love the colour palette used and the brush strokes


Lovely work

This feels such a deep painting- you can feel the stillness of the night

I love it!

Beautiful picture x

Lovely soft colours

Beautiful and deserves to win

Capturing the sense of a place not just the iconic parts of it.

Love the mood, I can “feel” the painting.

Number 23 is my first choice

Lovely picture, I liked the colours

Great artwork Faith

Very colourful and abstract

Favourite 23 !!

Amazing that she’s only 10!

Fantastic piece of artwork! Well done

Loved the colour warm contrast.

You are fabulous!

Beautiful, can tell you have worked hard at this.

Great use of shading on number 23 love the unique style

I love this piece of work. There’s much more to it that first meets the eye.

All are amazing surely u could use them all in diff locations around the area

About Sarajane Ferris:

Her work is beautiful

Lovely pictures

Twinkleton is the embodiment of Dorking.

A lovely image

Love the uniqueness of this art

Sarajane's depiction of the Star public house in West Street shows how modern and traditional combine beautifully to make Dorking the jewel in Surrey's crown.

Good luck

Amazing work. Particularly works 15 & 16 considering the high level of skill required.

About Meg Bateman:


Great artist

Such amazing talent

Incredible piece of art!!

Lovely artwork

Meg has included my market stall in her painting

About Lucy Rose:

Fabulous! Bright and cheery!

Love Lucy Rose's, fantastic piece



Some really great pieces of art!

What a fantastic collection of art!

About Eloise W:

Lovely drawing of Box Hill Eloise.

Amazing for a four year old

Well done 🙂

Great job 🙂

There are a number of very good paintings here. I am impressed most by the boldness of Eloise's work.

About Kiri Jones:

Love Kiri's beautiful paintings

Amazing artist

Reminds me of childhood walks

About Tiffany Budd:

Tiffany Budd's work is my favourite. It captures the unique spirit of Dorking.

Great art.

Tiffany Budd - number 17 is the best one in my opinion !!!

Really liked number 17 Tiffany Budd, good vibrant colours, plus the use of the coveralls and the Union Jack flag.

Tiffany Budd's work is just uplifting and beautiful xx

They are all fantastic but I just love Tiffany Budd's work

I think Tiffany Budd's is very colourful and eye catching.

Tiffany Budd Piece is absolutely amazing

Tiffany Budd is my favourite design. So many great artworks to choose from though!

17 shows the true feel of dorking as you meander through the high street down toward the antique shops and out into the surrey Hills. Beautiful

For me, no 17 encapsulates everything that represents Dorking and is very bright and cheerful which would bright

Number 17 is my favourite

Fab as ever Tiffany. Jan H

Supports Dorking and the Coronation

Soo beautiful! Well done!

Fantastic artwork

About Carolyn De Peyecave:

Fabulous Art.

Such talented artists - amazing all the paintings! Good luck all!


Wow! All very talented

Great talent

It is such a lovely painting!!!

About John Calvert:

Lots of different styles but all really good 👍🏻

Amazing! Well done everyone

Some really great pictures

About Kelly, Sienna and Riley Morgan:

Good luck to all the artist 👩🏼‍🎨

Just love the detail🥰


So much feeling in this beautiful piece!

Beautiful concept

A beautiful blend.

Such talent

So amazing artwork but Kelly, Sienna and Riley speaks the loudest to me

Love this!!!

Number 29 is amazing

What a lovely piece- so much to see and so much to feel xx

Young talent

Beautiful painting. Made with love.

Beautiful piece of art that gives the Dorking ‘feels’

Absolutely stunning. A definite winner.

My absolute favourite is 29 as shows Dorking in a subtle way and lovely colours were used.

General comments:

A brilliant show of talent, well done to everyone who entered, you have all truly made Dorking proud.

Really impressive selection and great idea!

Hello, a great collection of diverse and inspirational art relating to our wonderful and beloved town for Coronation! Many thanks.

What brilliant entries! It was really hard to make a choice of just three. Thanks all you artists for sharing your work with us! Can we have an exhibition of all the entries please?

Well done for putting this together DorKING👍🇬🇧😊

Beautiful place and a lot of lovely people. A great place to live.

All of them are brilliant! So hard to choose a top three!

Tough decision to choose just 3 x

Lots of these are really well done and represent Dorking brilliantly

So difficult to narrow it down to 3 choices! Fantastic effort 😃

Great standard of entries

Great pictures.

Wow these are amazing. I love how striking the black & white are. A hard choice with so many wonderful entrants.

Fantastic work from all the artists

They are all beautiful- difficult to choose

I have a friend who lives in Dorking. It was refreshing to see all the different interpretations of the town. Some of the areas I am familiar with because of him. The King's Arms, The Star Inn

Thank you for organising this wonderful competition! Such a lovely collection of art work 🙂

So very proud of the amazing artistic talent in Dorking, would have voted for them all if allowed!

Great choice of wonderful pictures

Well done everyone for such splendid artwork!

Love the line work of sarajane ferris and in complete contrast the colour and warmth caught in kim jones work evokes a summers day in surrey in complete contrast the colour and warmth

Struggled to pick 3 good selection

Wonderful artwork. A great idea to celebrate the coronation

I wanted to select so many more than just three. Very hard to whittle it down.

It's so difficult to choose the best as they all tell a story about Dorking

Such talent that it was really hard to choose just 3. 21 & 22 would make fabulous tea towels.

Impressed by the variety of styles

Hard to choose-well done everyone

Fabulous art work of a gorgeous town.

Very impressed with the display of art. Thank you to all the artists.

So many I loved!

Those stars are irresistible! Hard to choose but that Leith Hill foliage is wonderful; captures the heart of Dorking: in black and white: magic ⭐! Equally that coloured watercolour landscape is lovely

Wow - such incredible local talent

A huge delight to see these interpretations. I'd like to make more selections.

A fine response from your local artists

Beautiful artwork throughout, my choices are the most representative of Dorking in my eyes.

Good luck to everyone that entered. They all look great! I look forward to seeing some in town

Very hard to choose as all so lovely.

Lovely piece of work

All magnificent

Great variety but chose two children's and one modern

Well done to all the entries. They are all fabulous! Good luck

Good luck to all they are all fabulous

Wonderful creations

Love them all! Well done everyone 💙

I love the simplicity of the kids artwork and whilst the adult works are superb, I feel it hugely important to encourage the younger ones.

From Jack: These are all beautiful. I wish I could choose all of them. 😀

Art Competition Winners

2 comments on “Congratulations to our DorKing Coronation Art Competition Winners”

  1. Lovely artwork in no.1 but no purple river in Dorking disqualifies somewhat; no 2 suggests nighttime is the only attraction of the town. The brief has been ignored in most entries, the setters of the task seeming to want works which encapsulated all of its market town essence in a way which would be clear on banners of variable size. Hopefully, other entries which try to interpret the brief accurately will be displayed to validate the whole exercise.

  2. Ignore previous comment as was confused as to which had won. Should have asked what relevance the winner had to Dorking's attractiveness, however attractive the artwork. The inclusion of at least some elements must have been obligatory if the competition's stated aims were to be met.

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