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Chemical & Environmental Engineering to sustainable coffee…

28 January 2020

Chemical & Environmental Engineering to sustainable coffee…

With High Street’s all over the country being populated with coffee shops, competition must be tough.   We often hear the words muttered, do we really need another coffee shop on our High Street, but the truth of the matter is that one coffee shop doesn’t fit all and variety is the spice of life!

From studying Chemical and Environmental Engineering, to managing red carpet events in London for Odeon cinema, Sina wanted a lifestyle change that reflected more of what he stands for as humanitarian.

With society leading the way in sustainable organic and vegan produce, Sina wanted a coffee shop that reflects the mood of our community.  This slick coffee shop operates on values and quality products, foods and service.

This spacious, Georgian building with its high ceiling and beautiful windows, creates an atmosphere of calm.  Sitting in the window at Esquires, I ask Sina, what his USP is.  

”Quite simple providing our customers with the very best quality in Fair Trade and organic produce, reflecting our customers desire to be more conscientious about their own food choices”

Sina explains, that to get his coffee shop where it is today and in just four months, he wanted to get the interior right. Working on attention to detail to make his coffee shop reflect his own values of quality and carbon footprint.

To manage this Sina monitors his stock carefully.  Cooking everything from fresh and on site, Sina keeps a close eye on his waste management.  Ordering only what he needs to sell to his loyal customer base, reducing plastics as much as he can.  The only plastic cups in the shop are for his juices, which is 100% recyclable.  

”We want people to reuse their cups and straws too.  To support this idea we sell bamboo reusable cups and straws.  The straws even come with there own cleaning kits”

”These bamboo cups are amazing!  We make zero profit on these cups, as we really want to get people using them.  On buying a cup we give our customers a free coffee. After that, every time a cup is used we offer 20p off on our coffee.”

Sina, genuinely cares for the global problems we face.  This is reflected right down to his choices in water. Sina sells LIFE water.  Life Water funds clean water projects across the globe, through the charity  

When asking Sina what attracted him to Dorking, his answer was space, opportunity and community.  This tranquil and calm coffee shop, really makes us think about what is important when it comes to caring about the global issues.

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