Dorking is back ‘In Bloom’ once again! 

Following the huge success of our first entry last year, the Dorking Town Partnership ‘Hello Dorking Sails into New Horizons’ are again entering the South & South East In Bloom competition with judging taking place in July.

Dorking Banners

Since last year, there has been continual work behind the scenes, sponsored and organised by DTP, with a huge amount of support from volunteers and local community groups. Last Autumn DTP added six new trough planters around the town which have bloomed during the winter and spring, shortly to be re planted and themed ready for the summer.

Not only did we have Christmas lights 2020 organised by ‘The Friends of Dorking’ but, in addition, six beautiful brightly-coloured sleighs, designed and made by The Dorking Men’s Shed and filled with festive plants and decorations adorned the streets of town.

Over 100 hanging baskets have now been installed around the town on both lampposts and properties and over the coming weeks there will be additional displays added to the town for all to enjoy over the summer months.

Any business is welcome to participate and be a part of this event by adding their own horticultural exhibit. The colours chosen for this year are pink, white and blue, or businesses are encouraged to get creative with a window display instead.

Photography for this year’s In Bloom competition entry is being undertaken by The Dorking Camera Club, having been named as ‘Official Photographers to Dorking in Bloom 2021’. Members of the long-established camera club (established 1955) will be photographing and recording the progress of the flower baskets and boat planters over the summer months, with the images then being used as part of the official competition entry.

The Dorking Town Partnership are proactively supporting Dorking’s position within the heart of the Surrey Hills and this is just one of many activities planned. Keep an eye on our blog for more to come!

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