Director Applications for the AGM


Roger Jones, Owner of Deepdene and Theodore & Sephone’s Sweet Shop

Applying for the position of Evening Economy Director

I am the owner of Deepdene at the eastern end of town and Theodore and Sephone’s Sweet Shop on pump corner. I bring a unique perspective as someone that operates both in hospitality and in retail.

I am keen to help develop Dorking’s evening economy so that we may become more competitive with other towns to the benefit of every business here in Dorking.

We have lost some major players from the town, not because of Covid but a failure to foster the right environment where these businesses can not only exist, but thrive.

Dorking is full of potential but too often held back from reaching the heights we all know it can. I am keep to help promote the town and I experienced in planning, organising and running events. I also have experience bookkeeping and in the preparation of management and year end accounts.

I consider myself a creative thinker and a problem solver with a broad skillset, capable of turning my hand to most things.

I look forward to working with the fantastic business minds of Dorking.


Andrew Magnani, Director of Mayflower Spa

Applying for the position of Retail / Service Director

Mayflower opened in October 2019, but we are not originally from Dorking and have been so impressed by the welcome and support that we have received from the local independent business and our customer base.

I think that Dorking is a great town and has so much potential, I have experience that I feel are relevant to the role.

I have strong marketing, commercial, PR and strategy experience over the last 20+ years that would help Dorking get back on its feet during and after COVID.

A large part of my experience has involved working out how to succeed in very complex and challenging environments but keeping the solutions really simple.

Over the last 8 years I have run a marketing consultancy often going into companies when there is a problem that needs solving or where people outside the organisation need influencing which is where Dorking is today.

The success of Mayflower shows that we have a fundamental understanding of what Dorking needs and wants so would love the opportunity to be part of the next phase of Dorking’s future.

I think being relatively new to Dorking allows me to see new ways of doing things.



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