Bid Projects

What have we achieved?

The BID was elected into place in 2017, and since then we’ve been busy. We have undergone a logo rebrand to better engage with our audiences, re-implemented a town radio scheme to help spread information and deter anti-social behaviour, and we’ve installed footfall counters that will help us understand how many people visit Dorking and their habits when they visit.

We have also collaborated with Friends to Dorking to improve the look of our town by adding hanging baskets and pavement planters. We have also hosted multiple events to promote the town. We have enaged a local communications team to raise the profile of the town via a multi-channel communications campaign, to include a website redesign.

We also made three short films about Dorking:

Shop Local

Adventure Awaits

Escape to Dorking

We have hosted two hugely successful events in town that attracted thousands of people to the town: the Rob Walker Centenary Festival and the Dorking Christmas Festival.

Rob Walker Centenary Festival

We launched our award-winning LoyalFreeApp, a digital loyalty scheme to help drive customer loyalty and awareness of offerings across businesses, a multi-channel digital strategy to across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to raise awareness about the town, engaged in a town beautification scheme, received a Special Mention in the Great British High Street Rising Star category, engaged in Small Business Saturday and hosted a town-wide window competition.

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