Thank you for collaborating with the Business Improvement District, or ‘BID’ to invest in improving Dorking’s trading environment. This area of the website will provide you with resources and information related to BID business. Any questions, please contact Charlotte Whitaker at charlotte@dorkingtownpartnership.co.uk.

What is a BID?

Business Improvement District (BID) is a business-led and business-funded body, created through a ballot process, to improve a defined area in which a levy is charged on all business rate payers in addition to their normal business rates bill. The ballot resulted in 66% voting yes by number and 73% by aggregate rateable value. The turnout was 47%, which is above average for BID’s across the UK.

BIDs started in the US, but there are now more than 270 in the UK alone. They work together through organisations such as British BIDs and the BID Foundation. BIDs focus on improving the public realm, creating a better trading environment for local businesses.

Dorking BID – Dorking Town Partnership

The Dorking Business Improvement District (BID) is Managed by Charlotte Whitaker (The BID Manager) and a board of 17 Directors that represents of all of the businesses sectors in Dorking.

Throughout our five-year BID term, we will complete the BID Business plan as presented prior to ballot. It’s what you voted on and we shall work very hard to ensure it is completed.

All fees paid by BID levy payers go towards Dorking initiatives to attract and improve business in our area. The BID is regulated by the Business Improvements Districts (England) Regulations 2004.

Dorking-BID-Business-Plan (PDF)

Dorking BID Terms of Reference

DTP Articles of Association

View the BID area here.

What does the board do?

The role of the board is to guide the BID development and progress over a five-year term, in line with the business plan (as above). It acts as representatives for the levy-paying businesses within the BID area, and it initiates and considers project proposals that will promote our area and improve local business prosperity.

The board meets every 4 weeks, and they direct the work of the BID Manager in the implementation of initiatives and promotional campaigns.

Meet the BID Board

What have we achieved?

The BID was elected into place in 2017, and since then we’ve been busy. We have undergone a logo rebrand to better engage with our audiences, re-implemented a town radio scheme to help spread information and deter anti-social behaviour, and we’ve installed footfall counters that will help us understand how many people visit Dorking and their habits when they visit. We have also collaborated with Friends to Dorking to improve the look of our town by adding hanging baskets and pavement planters. We have also hosted multiple events to promote the town.

We have hosted two hugely successful events in town that attracted thousands of people to the town: the Rob Walker Centenary Festival and the Dorking Christmas Festival.

Learn more about our ongoing BID projects here.

Join Us

Do you know someone who would like to join the BID? If you know someone below the rateable value threshold and who wishes to be part of the BID, please share this Voluntary-levy-payer-form with them.

All levy payers (statutory and voluntary) are eligible to apply for membership of the Dorking BID. Return this Membership Form to charlotte@dorkingtownpartnership.co.uk.

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