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Anni and Arthur's Yard

Unit 2, Old Kingshead Court, Dorking RH4 1AR

01306 320494

Jo Sherwood is the dedicated founder of Anni and Arthur’s Yard, a charming boutique nestled in Old Kings Head Courtyard. With a rich history as a small business owner, Jo's journey brought her to Dorking. In the previous year, she took the reins of the shop, transforming it from Michele’s Dress Agency. Prior to this venture, Jo also owned the Dorking Solarium.

What truly drives Jo is her unwavering passion for the circularity and sustainability of women's fashion. This has provided her with a platform to introduce innovative sustainable concepts, such as her collection of preloved prom dresses, womens fashion and rentals of hats. 

Anni and Arthur’s Yard isn't just a store; it's a community effort. Every item in the shop has been contributed by the community, ensuring they find new homes while offering sellers 40% of the purchase price.

Situated in the heart of Dorking, Jo's small business becomes a powerful voice advocating for others facing the everyday challenges of entrepreneurship. Her commitment to sustainable fashion and community engagement shines through in the vibrant character of Anni and Arthur’s Yard.

Anni and Arthur's Yard

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