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Ai Digital Christmas in Dorking

30 November 2020

Have you ever had a conversation with a talking statue, bench or lamp post?

Hello Dorking is making it all possible this festive season, by bringing our high street to life.

We know Christmas will look different this year. Hello Dorking is committed to creating a digital ecosystem to enable our local business community and partners to succeed. In addition to promoting Dorking businesses and hosting a list of online shops, we are now bringing Dorking street objects to life with a Christmas Trail.

We are creating a totally new digital experience for our local community and visitors with friendly, talking objects in five locations in Dorking. Users will be signposted to have friendly chats with people of all ages, encouraging visitors to experience our high street in an engaging and innovative way, whilst reinvigorating our local economy and keeping our community safe.

“We are delighted to team up with Hello Lamp Post, a playful, human-centric public engagement platform that allows citizens to chat with everyday objects to drive engagement and footfall to the high street,” said Andrew Fuller, BID Chairman. “We’ve seen award-winning results with this approach in Belfast and in Bristol.”

We are looking to empower people to provide anonymous feedback, to shop and to support local, and to share how they are feeling. Multiple lockdowns have been tough on everyone. We are launching this AI-powered platform to help us not only engage more people, but to help us to better understand our audience. Everyone wins.

How does it all work?

There are 5 talking objects across Dorking – just scan the QR code or text the phone number and start chatting by replying to the SMS.

  1. The Lamp Post next to the Old House Pub on West Street
  2. The Bench in the centre of St Martin’s Walk
  3. The Bench in front of the Post Office
  4. The Bench in front of the War Memorial across from Waitrose
  5. The Vaughan Williams Statue next to Dorking Halls

Say Hello

Keep Chatting

Learn more on all channels at @hellodorking.

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