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About Dorking Town Partnership 

Dorking Town Partnership, the BID (Business Improvement District), was elected into place in 2017 and underwent a successful reballot in 2022, and since then we’ve been busy working on improving the management of the town centre, to boost its potential and safeguard its future.

We are a group of positive local businesses who strive to deliver impactful and innovative projects, that address your business priorities, and deliver the best value for money from the BID levy that you entrust to us.

Our wide-ranging projects include creating a new strong brand for Dorking, hosting events to promote Dorking, collaborating with local organisations to improve the look of the town centre, and installing  footfall counters that help us understand how many people visit Dorking and their habits when they visit.

What is a BID?

A Business Improvement District (BID) is a business-led and business-funded body, created through a ballot process, to improve a defined area in which a levy is charged on all business rate payers in addition to their normal business rates bill. The ballot resulted in 66% voting yes by number and 73% by aggregate rateable value. The turnout was 47%, which is above average for BID’s across the UK.

BIDs started in the US, but there are now more than 270 in the UK alone. They work together through organisations such as British BIDs and the BID Foundation. BIDs focus on improving the public realm, creating a better trading environment for local businesses.

Dorking BID - Dorking Town Partnership

The Dorking Business Improvement District (BID) is managed by The BID Manager and a Board of Directors who represent all of the business sectors in Dorking.
Throughout our five-year BID term, we will complete the BID Business plan as presented prior to ballot. It’s what you voted on and we shall work very hard to ensure it is completed.
All fees paid by BID levy payers go towards Dorking initiatives to attract and improve business in our area. The BID is regulated by the Business Improvements Districts (England) Regulations 2004.

What we do

Dorking West Street


Creating a vibrant and well-marketed town centre. 

Working on building a strong brand for Dorking, managing and promoting events, and campaigns to attract visitors.
Dorking High Street


Making Dorking work on a day-to-day level.

Working on traffic and access issues, with traffic surveys and footfall data, and providing support to businesses.


Working towards a strong future for Dorking with a business community that is able to affect long term change in the town centre through collaborative leadership.


BID Area 

The following streets are included in the Dorking BID area either in whole or part:
  • Allan Court
  • Ansell Road
  • Butter Hill
  • Chapel Court
  • Church Street
  • Constable Court
  • Dene Street
  • Hart Gardens
  • Hart Road
  • High Street
  • Horsham Road
  • Jubilee Terrace
  • Junction Road
  • London Road
  • Lonsdale Road
  • Lyons Court
  • Meadow Brook Road
  • Mill Lane
  • Mint Gardens
  • Moores Road
  • Myrtle Road
  • North Street
  • Old Kings Head Court
  • Paper Mews
  • Parsonage Square
  • Pippbrook Gardens
  • Reigate Road
  • Rose Hill
  • Rothes Road
  • South Street
  • St Martin's Mews
  • St Martin's Walk
  • Station Road
  • Tutts Close
  • Victoria Terrace
  • Vincents Walk
  • Wathen Road
  • West Street

BID Documents 

2022 - 2027 BUSINESS PLAN

View our updated Business Plan to see what we set out to achieve, together.



Download our Terms of Reference to see the purpose and structures of the BID.


Download our Articles of Association to see the rules that govern how we work. 

Join Us

Do you know someone who would like to join the BID? If you know someone, or are a business below the rateable value threshold and who wishes to be part of the BID, please complete this Voluntary Levy Payer Form. All levy payers (statutory and voluntary) are eligible to apply for membership of the Dorking BID. Return this Membership Form to


I haven’t heard anything about this why have I got this bill?

This is something that the businesses in Dorking have voted for, so we are surprised to receive this feedback but are working hard to ensure we liaise with Businesses to understand and respond to their concerns and ensure they receive the best service throughout the BID term. If you are a Dorking business and would like to get in touch please contact

I thought I paid this in my rates bill?

A Business Improvement District is about businesses working together and investing collectively in local improvements, which are in addition to those delivered by the local authority. These improvements benefit the businesses involved, growing the local economy, and contribute to the wider aspirations of the local community.

Run by local businesses, a Business Improvement District (BID) is not a substitute for central or local government investment, but an additional investment to strengthen the local economy and give local businesses a unified voice. The investment is funded by all the businesses within the BID area by a levy based on their business rates.

View our Updated Business Plan (2023).

Download Our First Business plan.

I didn’t vote for this I don’t want to pay / Can I opt out?

Much like a general election, whether you voted no or yes once the BID has been voted in, if you are in the BID area, you are legally obliged to pay.

It is important to note, it also means the business has the funds to complete the business plan as it was proposed pre-Ballot. The Dorking BID is a not-for-profit company Limited by Guarantee run by the Dorking business community. Representatives from local businesses will form the board of directors responsible for ensuring the business plan is being completed.

We welcome and encourage involvement, if you would like to get involved please contact

I am a registered charity why do I have to pay?

The BID has to adhere to the document that all businesses voted on when the BID went to ballot. The operating agreement states that relief on levy payments would not be available to any business, charitable or other.

It is worth noting that the BID’s work depends on collecting all the levy in order for it to complete the business plan throughout its 5-year term. All levy contributions towards this are important so the BID has the funds to carry out the work it committed to completing.

How have the BID projects been chosen?

The projects are based on ideas put forward by Dorking businesses through the survey and meetings that we have carried out, as well as by looking at what other BIDs have successfully achieved in their areas.

What will the BID cost me?

The amount you pay will be based on your individual business rateable value (not your business rates) based on the 2017 rating list. Smaller businesses pay less than larger businesses. The levy will be a mandatory 2% levy per year for the BID term of just under five years.

If you are not sure of your rateable value please email

How was the current Board appointed?

The current DTP Board is made up of individuals who are keen to champion the BID development. If the BID is voted in, the Board will be open to nominations from businesses who would like to sit on the Board. An AGM will be held at which the new Directors will be voted in.

What costs can the Board Directors charge (expenses / remuneration etc) to the BID fund?

The current DTP Board and future BID Board will not be remunerated in any way. The positions are totally voluntary. We rely on the use of free meeting space and don’t have any other expenses. If a Board Director is required to travel to a BID related meeting away from Dorking from time to time, his/her travel expenses will be reimbursed from the BID funds.

Dorking Town Partnership
156 South Street
Dorking, RH4 2HF

T: 07377 0966892

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